Monday, March 09, 2015

Forms, papers, almost ready, finally.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I am waiting a bit writing this post, till Jan has left for his hospital appointment. I really hope he will have a good conversation with his doctor and that some answers will be therre and perhaps an appointment for a total check up(that i would like to hear most, honst).
This weekend though, Jan felt good enough (well, he said so, did I believe him? May be for 75%, hahaha) to go to his volunteer job.
It all seemed to be fine, he enjoyed himself there, isn't overloaded with work, but you can imagine that Sunday evening he was pretty worn out! He isn't used anymore to be on his feet for almost 3 hours, walking short distances, but being busy all the time too. But I am sure it will go better after he does it for several weeks at a row.
It also depends a bit on his physical condition, of course.

I am a tiny little bit proud of myself, HA! I managed to fill in almost the whole form I was busy with, and found all the necesssary papers for it that I will have to copy. So that done, well, almost, it feels like a relief. Now I still have another one to do, but it will go quicker, now that I have all the papers together. You could say I almost hate those things, but it has to be done. How happy I am that I will nt have to do the taxes! It costs a bit of money, but saves a LOT of stress and such, so I am quite willing to pay the accountant! Not yet ready to send him all, because I am still waiting for one annual statement , already mailed them a couple of times, seems they had some stagnation in it, but if I don;t have it tomrrow in the post, I will mail them once again.

This Friday I will have an interview for a volunteer job. Well, we first will see what is possible and what they have, but may be it is something I really will like and am able to do well.

And then I hope life will settle itself a bit and that we will have more quiet and peace for a while, no more forms to fill in, no more running around to offices for all kind of things, just a quiet life, with some nice things to do, and with spring looking around the corner, some quiet hours in the garden. Oh, that will be a good feeling.

And to feel something of spring( I know, lots of you are still in mountains of snow), to just know at some time weather will be nice and sunny again I have a "springy " kit for you. I love the colours of it, so fresh and happy. I named it "Where is Spring hiding" LOL!
Have a wonderful week.

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Edna B said...

Good luck Kyra, on your interview later this week. I hope you find something close to home.

It's beautiful here. Janet is here now and later today we will go shopping to pick up some yarn for her. She fell in love with the new color that I am using and wants to start something with it too.

We'll have a lazy day or two, then we'll go out looking for things to photograph.

Now I must get dressed. Housekeeping will be here soon. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Love the new kit. Bright colors and cute animals. Thank you.
And thank you for the compliment on the pages I put in the blog. Most were just plop in a pibture, add the author and a few informative words and done. A couple I put together using a kit which is always fun. And I have so many to choose from. lol
Hopefully Jan will have some good news. Which reminds me to call the doctors office again for copies of the chart notes from the last two visits. They have the diagnosis for the Asbestos Pneumonconosis which I need for the disability claim. I've been working on this claim since 2009. Maybe this will be the papers that will get the OK! Here's hoping.

Stacey said...

thanks so much for the wonderful kit. I'm glad Jan liked his job and hope he isn't too wore out! good luck with those forms. seems there are always so many to fill out - here too.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for these pieces.
It is good that Jan enjoyed his work, hopefully the doctor will have some idea why he had more problems with his stomach.
Paperwork is a pain to do and it is always good to be finished with it...