Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Had a good interview and came home rather happy.

Goodmorning everybody!

Sorry for not posting long yesterday, but I was kind of exahusted.
In the night of Sunday to Monday I didn;t sleep much or well, guess all had to do with my interview on Monday.
I had all prepared in the file, took that with me and was nicely at time at the appointment.
And I had a agreable interview with the lady there. She was an "older"women, I think around 45 years old,
took the advice I got from somebody, to sit relaxed and leaning back on the chair LOL.
She asked me some general things, to complete a bit the file she had on me, was a good listener and let me do the talking. So I told her about my working past, what I have done, that I am out of the "working"process for about 10 years, that 10 years ago I already tried for 3 years to get another job(without success), she asked me about my hobbies, about my life in general. I told her about the past two-three years mainly about Jan's health problems and the consequences of that.
Topld her about the reason I left my last job( well, in mutual agreement with my boss), because I had to do there more commercial work, as he started to produce and sell fitness equipment and I should do the sale of it to people who came looking for e.g. a bike, or a treadmill or whatever, weather they just wanted to have one or were sent perhaps by a fysio or doctor.
And I told her I had problems with that. First it takes time to get really familiair with the euipment, also technically, and then I just couldn;t find it in my heart to persuade someone to buy it, because i thought it was no good for e.g. that older lady. The lady of social security started to smile at me and said"I guess you are just a too honest person".
well, I scored a point there LOL.
To keep this somewhat short, I was at her office for about 1 1 /4 of an hour, had an nice conversation with her and she agreed that it would be very difficult to find a job for me( the more because i had no working experience anymore for the last 10 years, hahaha) and she placed me in the "participation" sector, which means I should do some volunteer work, but it is no longer required I apply for jobs. Hoorray, I was sooo reliefed. Leaving her at the end, I shake hands, of course but also wished her already a Happy Christmas time. She looked nicely surprised to me, saying that I was the 1st who did that! Another scoring point at the end for me LOL!
Okay, the money we receive now from social security is really low, but for the moment we have income, now perhaps we will be with the health security hearing, that Jan will get a higher percentage of disabilty.
If so he should try to find some work, but for less hours, which he will be able to do still I think. And the rest of income will be payed by the disability insurance. And that would be some higher than we have now.
Also the lady I had the interview with was very surprised that Jan didn;t reach at least the needed 35% disability border.
Now yesterday had a control appointment with his doctor for his stomach and liver, rather good news, it seems that his liver got somewhat better again. About his umbilical hernia he is suffering from too, it still wasn;t alarming, so he will have to be carefull with lifting heavy stuff, but till now no operation for it probably needed. Then his doctor told him, that she had a request from helath security for a medical report, BUT that it hapened only last July 2013! So the doctor who gave Jan the low percentage of disability, didn;t had a lot of information and surely not the most important of this last year! Complete mystery on what she based her concolsion!!  And also no request lately was done(from doctor who will be doing the hearing on the 10th of December). That is something we can use in the interview there! So who knows, may the Gods will be looking favorable at us on that day too!

Oh my God, I did sleep well last night. I was kind of exhausted of all the tension and such.  
It was rather cold yesterday( and catched right away a cold because of it, LOL), and set in the evening at the couch with a kind of "running nose"hahaha. It is already better today, still a bit sniffing, but no longer a constant need of a tissue under my nose.
At day time we only have about 37-39 F, and at night just around the zero point. This will stay for another two or three days, but then temperatures will tise a bit to 45F and that is a big difference.!

That was my day yesterday, which at the end turned out to  be rather succesfull and reassuring.
I think I will reward myself now to some computertime, grin grin, doing some blogreading and perhaps some designing or first a little play. Then I will get busy around here for a bit, but will take it on low speed ROFL.
Thanks for your thinking about me and prayers and advice, it really helped as shown!

Have a fantastic day, till next time.


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update Kyra. I'm so glad your interview went well.
I hope that cold doesn't stay around too long or make you feel too miserable.
Wishing you a fantastic week...

Edna B said...

What great news!!! Hopefully, all will go well at Jan's next interview and your income will go up higher.

It feels really good to not have to worry about how to pay our bills. I miss my paycheck from when I was working, but I am managing to get along without it.

I have lots less stress, and much more time to do fun things. So I guess it is a win-win.

I am running a bit late today and now it's time to post on my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.