Monday, November 17, 2014

I walk as a feather!

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a bit cryptic, my blogpost title? Well, you will understand as I tell you that Saturday I went to the hairdresser, finally! Oh my God, he did get rid of a lot of hair for me, I have now again a short model, very easy to handle and it feels so ggod. Therefore it seems I walk light like a feather again LOL.
The weekend we stayed almost all the time inside, I just popped out, as I said, for the hairdresser, and on Friday afternoon some quick shopping.
Oh I was busy Friday afternoon all together. I made us a big pan of soup, not just any soup, but a Russian one, called "Borsjt". Main ingredient are thin sliced beetrood. and then you can put in all you want.
So I made broth and in it went of course the beetroot, together with diced celeriac, carrot, potatoe, chopped onion, some chickenmeat in little pieces (normally is it made with beef, but I didn;t have it, so chicken was a good alternative)some garlic, pepper, salt.
I was very curious to taste it(think I only made it once years and years ago), but I can say it succeeded well and it tasted great. A big bowl of that soup, with a spoon of crème fraiche, on the sidesome french bread with some (garlic-herb)butter makes a great and nutricious meal.

The weekend Jan was somehow "iunder the weather", don;t know exactly what was the matter with him, but he had some trouble with his belly, and as he isn;t quite informative towards me, I still am not sure what is the matter. He slept a lot, cause he also is feeling real tired, so hopefully today it will be somewhat better.
If it stays on however for a longer time, I want him to go to the housedoctor or even better, call his doctor in the hospital. But I almost know for sure that will not happen, or he almost must die first, bummers!
Let's hope he just catched a cold or something.

Today we both must fill in some papers to bring with us to the intervies tomorrow at a department of the social security. I have no idea what to expect of it, in their letter of invitation they claim, it might take an hour or two or more! Hopefully it will take a bit less time.

Yesterday our soccer team played an official match for placing themselves into the next round. Well, with the bad results they had lately, there only was one option: winning.
They were lucky to have a not really strong opponant, so we had some hope. And finally they did what they were expected to, they won, with a great 6-0.
So some light is shining at the end of the tunnel.

Don;t have yet a freebie for you, that will be for Wednesday. Hope you can wait till then.
So today I do need to get busy around here, probably some ironing to do and such and the forms have to be filled in for sure.
Have a wonderful day, thanks for your visit!


Edna B said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jan isn't feeling so good. Hopefully, you're right and it's just a cold that will clear up quickly.

I may have to think about getting my hair cut too. It's getting quite long again. Now that I'm older, I sometimes prefer to keep it shorter. As you say, it's easier to take care of.

We have a whole week of Artic cold moving in tonight. Brrr. Gosh, I was hoping for a mild winter, but I guess it's not going to happen. Ah well, Spring is coming in a few more months. lol. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! Miss Me? LOL! I have been so busy, busy, busy with all this mess of renting the duplex (or rather showing it for rent, haven't found the "ONE" yet that I want to settle on) and then with this crazy weather, have been a bit under the weather and with Uncle Arthritis visiting my my hand it makes it hard to type or use the computer and now, that pesky cataract is trying to give me, it's the pits that you begin to fall apart when you get older! ROFL but so happy to still be here! Anyhow, so far behind, but will try to catch up and am hoping you and Jan have a great week ahead. Many hugs sent your way today! Mat