Wednesday, October 01, 2014

No fun, making phonecalls to municipality!

Goodmorning everybody!

Monday after posting here, I got brave and took the phone up, to try to find out if any help was possible with filling in long forms. I know that some years ago you still could make an appointment, you took all necessary papers with you, and somebody helped you with that, and it gave possibility to ask some questions etc.
Not anymore.
You ONLY can do it on internet. But there might be possibility to get some help, if you went to an internet corner on 3 locations ( of the municipakity), there you could use a computer and if you needed some explanation or had a question, there might be somebody that jumped over to you for a little help.
So far  for municipality and or/governmental services, that are supposed to SERVE the public( I always was so naieve to think so).
To finally get this answer I spend about 3/4 of an hour on the phone, being directed to different phonenumbers and such.!
I just gave up!. I finally found a site where they at least gave a summary of papers you needed to fill in the form. So I assembled them first and then called Jan to sit next to me at the laptop(wonderful that I have that second screen) and we started. I must admit that most of it was clear enough and not too difficult.
But always there are two or three questions that are a bit confusing, so I hope we did it right.
After about half an hour it was done and send away and we even got a return mail that they received out application. and I could print out our filled in form.
Now we will have to wait for a letter in which they will ask certainly for some copies of payrolls, bankaccounts, and lots more. Then we certainly will have to go somewhere to show our identity card, so they can copy it, it all is taking such unnecessary loss of time.
But I am glad we did it.

Yesterday I thought it was a nice day to go for application for a new identity card. It will expire end of the month. For that I could go to a  district office, and that isn;t far away. came there and went to information desk to ask for renewal. Now see the office in front of you! At the desk 2 people, and at all the other desks and bureau nobody(visitors) to see!
But no, they couldn't help me right away, I had to make an appointment. Ghee, unbelievable. kay, I can go back today early afternoon.
After that I was so fed up that I decided to take a little walk, just some window shopping, Weather was nice and I calmed down, LOL!

We are expecting house care today again, it looks as if Jan's leg is getting thinner, not yet as it should, certainly not to foot, but there is hope. And he can walk a little bit easier it seems.
Most painful it is now when he tries to sleep at night, very odd!

Is this a very happy sounding post? Hmmmmm, I don;t think so, I am grumbling and such too much, but okay, I am still a bit happy with myself, as we did all necessary things for now, I even had courage to make a new binder, with all correspondence and papers we will need for the applicsations, so if we are summoned for an interview I think I have all together and just have to take with us that binder. Hoorray!
Next project is to go through more paperwork, and put them orderly in some more binders. I have them already together in binders, but through time it gets a bit chaotic and there are things that i can throw away.
So big plans, I wonder how long it will take????? grin grin!
Must finish now, so i can get into some clothes before house care arrives.

Weather today should still be real nice, perhaps a day, to do not so much and just enjoy it.

Have all a wonderful day.


Edna B said...

My goodness, I guess your government "for the people" is much like ours. "Good for them" and "not so good" for us. I think they make filling out the forms so difficult so that they don't have to give out any help.

I hope it is all settled soon so that you know what you have to work with.

Jan should still take it easy with the leg. Let it get healed before putting very much stress on it. Here's hoping it will heal really soon.

Yesterday was gray and damp, and today is more of the same. I try not to complain because we really need the rain, but I do miss the sunshine.

Now I must get busy here and finish making my coffee and then type my post. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you, I agree, dealing with officials is never easy. Hopefully all will go well for your application.
Sometimes it helps to be able to tell someone about the problems you are having.
I hope you were able to just relax and take is easy after your last post.
I wish you and Jan all the best...