Friday, October 03, 2014

Must enjoy the last Indian Summer days.

Goodmorning everybody!

At the moment homecare is here to get Jan a new bandage on his leg.
It looks already a lot better, still a bit swollen by the fluid in his foot. Strange thing is, that during daytime his leg isn;t hurting, or almost not, but at night he has a lot of pain. So this night he removed the bandage(naughty boy)took a painkiller and had a real good night sleep.
Very strange. Well, next week he has his appointment with the surgeaon, we can talk about it then and see if bandage is still needed.

The last couploe of days I did all kind of little tasks in the house, some food shopping and today the weather looks to be so nice, that I might go to the market to get us some fresh veggies.

Not much news to tell, so I will leave it here and hope to be more amusing and interesting on Monday LOL.
I am a bit late already this morning took it easy and a bit lazy, so now I will have to get in some action!
have a wonderful weekend.

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Edna B said...

Gosh, I feel for Jan. Well, at least he got a good nights sleep. Hopefully, the healing will progress and he won't be needing the bandages much longer.

Enjoy your nice weather. Ours has turn cool rather quickly. We have a couple of warm days (71F) coming soon, then back to the low to mid 60's.

Pretty soon, I'll be counting the days till Spring again. lol.

You have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.