Friday, September 05, 2014

Monday will be a bit nervous day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday afternoon we got the phonecall from the hospital to tell us the time Jan has to be there, and we will have to get up early. He is expected to be there at 09.00 a.m. and when I asked if they could tell the tim of operation, they said it should be around 10,00 or 10.30 a.m.
Wow, i think we will not sleep a lot the night before.
But this gives us time to gather all things Jan will have to take with him in the weekend.
Then of course, as always, all comes at the same time.
In the mail yesterday we got a lot of envelopes with paperwork to read and fill in for the health service stuff,
they surely know when to send it, don´t they?
We will have to be rather quick in doing so, but first we will have to concentrate on Monday and the days after, and then we will see further. One thing at a time, I say.

Last couple of days weather was nice, and at the moment it looks it will be going on. Nice.
I didn;t make photos yet in the garden, also first have to install the program disk on the laptop, to be able to import the photos of the camera.

Be happy with me LOL. Jan sent away an email yesterday all by himself to his doctor. She wanted to know the hospitalization day ( think she will try to visit him).
Jan is trying out things almost every day, so slowly he will feel more comfortable on his laptop(but it will take still time and a lot of patience of me, which i don;t have much at the moment). Yes, you can giggle about it. but it isn't easy to explain, so many things are so easy and like a habit on the computer now, but for him it is a whole new world and experience.

Almost finished a blanket I was making, i will make a photo of it, it will be a present for Heidi, for letting us have the laptop, and just being good friends.
When that is finished, i will have to take at hand some projects started, better first get them finished and then we can think about something new.

ladies, may be i will not post on Monday, it depends a bit on how things go, etc. so don;t worry if there isn;t a post, I will let you know soon as possible how the operation went and such.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Edna B said...

I'll be thinking of both of you this Monday and praying that all works out well for Jan.

Don't worry about the blog. Take care of you and Jan. I think Heidi will love her new blanket. There's something wonderful about a home made gift.

I hope the weather stays nice through the whole weekend and you and Jan can sit out by the garden and enjoy it. You take care my friend, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kyra:)
Just want to let you know that I will be praying for you two! Hoping to hear really great news from you after the operation!

Warm hugs to both of you!!:)

Corrine Corbin said...

Prayers for Jan for his surgery on Monday and your for your nerves! I know what it's like to wait for a loved one to have surgery and there's nothing you can do about it but pray.
I had a Heart Catherization on Thursday this week. I'm doing fine but it's a real chore to come down from the adrenelin high you go through waiting for and the actual surgery. My family members were in the waiting room waiting for me just to make sure I was going to be OK. All is fine.
I also had both eye surgeries this month. Cataracts are gone but will still need some glasses for the stygmatism.
I accidently deleted the message you sent me about the big surprise. I can't find it anywhere so if you could send it again, I'd appreciate it.

Good luck and God's Blessingings for Jan on Monday.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you for this update.
Please try to take it easy and not worry about this blog or the scrapbooking.
You and Jan need to think of yourselves.
My best wishes to you both and here's hoping all goes well...