Monday, September 01, 2014

Lot has happened in a day

Goodmorning everybody.

Better start with an update on Jan.
As you know we had an interview with the vasculair surgeon on Friday. Well, we went there with the thought it would be an interview, but we were completely wrong!
We spent about 3 1/2 hours in the hospital(and was i glad i went with Jan there!).
We didn;t have to wait to enter the room of the surgeon and after a little explanation, it was obvious jan would have a vasculair operation and it would be quick too, Somewhere this week or at the latest early next week. Yeah, that made us startle. It seems Jan has a blockage in his right-leg vain, and they want to fix that, removing the narrowing and putting in a piece of another not important vain there to keep it open again. But he also has one in his left leg. So the surgeon proposed, or more advised, they do that at the same time.
And as it looked rather urgent they want to do it as quickly as possible. Gosh, that was quite some news.
So after the interview with the surgeon(handsome looking guy, I must say LOL), we went through all kind of things, like ECG, bloodtest, interview with the doctor for the anesthetic, then to counter for operation appointment, and some more everything went suddenly accelerated!
So we can expect this week a phonecall with the exact date of operation.
Well, you can imagine Jan was quiet nervous when he heard all that, and he doesn't like hospitals a bit, but this time he will have to stay there for at least two days. If there are no complications he could go home then again but will have to recover some weeks at home, of course.
The operation will be done by a whole team, two vasculair surgeons, one radiologist and then the "usual"crew added to that and might take 3 to 4 hours!
 So that is news, or not?
I must say I feel rather relaxed, I think Jan is more nervous at the moment, which I can fully understand.
But if all goes well, after some time he might have much less problems walking for a longer period(he has cramps or whatever after walking ten minutes or so, then he has to stand still, give a leg a bit of massage and then he can walk on again, so that already was a sign).
Today Jan will go to an interview with his "own"doctor in hospital, perhaps not completely necessary, but she said he could come if he had still questions or whatever, and I advised him to go. I think it will be good for him, to talk about the operation and all around it again.

So all other problems disappear for the moment, this is important and we'll see what happens with the disability payment and such after the operation again. Health is number one, money comes later.

We tried to be calm and not talk too much about the upcoming event this weekend, although it is in the back of our thoughts all the time. I think we managed to do that, by being a bit in the garden and watching some series on tv we like etc.

Lately we had lots of rain, and temperatures that were too low for the time of year, but if we can believe the weather forecast this week we will have again lots of sunshine(perhaps a little rainshower here or there) but also temperatures could go up again to 23-25 C, which is very nice.
And sunshine makes you feel a lot better and more cheerfull, isn;t it?

Well, today I will certainly have to do some stuff, like ironing some laundry, want to put already some things aside for Jan, for his hopital adventure, must go to the bank to leave a bill to pay there, if there is time left, perhaps some shopping( or i can do that tomorrow), and there are all kind of things I want to have done.
I think keeping busy will help me to keep calm, and it will be a strange thing to undergo, to be suddenly alone for a couple of days, don;t you think?
Okay, I still have Brodski to take care off, I am curious to see if he notices there is something different in the house, when Jan will be in hospital.

Right, this is about all I have to tell now, but I think it is enough for one day.

Have all a wonderful day and stay safe!


Edna B said...

It's good that the doctors caught Jan's problem while it can still be fixed. I will say prayers that all goes well for Jan.

It will seem a bit odd being along with just Brodski, but the time will pass by quickly.

Enjoy the upcoming nice weather together. It will help to keep Jan calm. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm saying a prayer for Jan that all goes well with the surgeries. Best to get them cleared up and then life will be a little easier!

Best wishes to both of you.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O my! This is a very important surgery to do, blockages can cause clots and they can break loose and travel to places that are NOT good. So glad they are doing it now before that happens. I feel for both of you at the fear he must be feeling and you too having to be alone for a couple of days. He will feel so much better though when it is repaired. Yes, he will have a recovery period that may not be too enjoyable, but in the long run he will be very happy to have had it done. Prayers being said that all goes well and both of you handle it nicely too! Hugs to both of you from me and the CATS!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Aww...Kyra..I feel for you both! Jimmy has a blood clot in his right leg.It isn't completely closed but it's awesome that another vein has rerouted itself around the blockage and is letting blood flow to the rest of the leg. God is GOOD! :)
I will certainly be praying for Jan's surgery and for your peace of mind about you being alone for a couple of days.:)
Don't over do it with the housework while he is at hospital. You will need to reserve your strength to take care of him when he comes home.:) So happy they found the clots!! Hoping all goes well for him after this!
Thanks so much for the update!