Monday, September 29, 2014

All stuff for bandage arrived.

Goodmorning everybody!

Rememeber the story about the bandage package? Well, it arrived early Friday morning at 8.00 o'clock!
So I quickly called the homecare to tell them and the nurse came by later in the morning and applied the bandage. I was happy, because the sooner it was started with, perhaps the sooner it would help.
Then when busy with the bandage, the nurse noticed they forgot to pack some tape. Lucky I had some, so she could finish her work.
After she was done she called the store and ordered some tape.
That arrived Saturday morning very early, in a big box. What a waste though of package material.
4 little rolls of tape in a box that was big enough for several books or so, with lots of plastic in it to fill up all the space, now I understand why health care is so expensive!

Okay, Friday I really accomplished some things, I did shopping, I did a laundry, I filled up a bit the central heating( no, there is no leak, but the guy who repared and cleaned it told us, that after a bit of time it could happen that the level of pressure could get lower). also changed the bedsheets, already started with a letter of objection for the health insurance, so i was quite happy about myself that day.

Yesterday Jan and I finished the letter and today I will send it by registered mail and then cross fingers they will change their conclusion and write to us Jan can get partly a disability benefit.
Today house care will come again to renew the bandage.

Then today I have to make several phonecalls to municipal institutions, which is often a time comsuming thing.
Anyway, we will have to visit one to fill in loads of forms for extra benefit payment, but that is almost impossible for Jan to get there, have to walk quite a distance from the trams. But we have an old friend with a car and I asked him for help and without any problems he will drive us there and back home. What a sweet guy.

So we will be quite busy this week, going all around or filling in forms of phoning and such.
Not the most pleasant activities I can imagine, but it has to be done.

That's about all there is to tell, I so linger for some rambling about just frogs or gardening, or simple, every day things. well, it will happen again too, but first those official things have to be taken care off.
Have a wonderful day, thanks for bearing with me and keeping up the spirit!


Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you for the updates. I hope all goes well for you and Jan in the coming week...

Edna B said...

I think now that the nurse is coming around that the wound will maybe heal a bit faster. I surely hope so.

Isn't it amazing, how the government insists that you travel about to fill forms and such when they know that you cannot walk so good. You would think that they would send the forms to you. Governments are very inconsiderate of their peoples.

I hope all goes well and Jan can qualify for disability. It will be such a big help, and put your mind at ease.

We've been busy around here too, what with the new door finally arriving and being installed, and our new visitor adopting us and moving in.

Pogo has so much to keep him busy now. haha. He just loves sitting by the new door and looking out at everything.

Well, the morning is half over and I really should do a few things around here. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I completly understand about official paperwork and all of that. My last visit to the hospital has been rejected by the Veterans Administration. They said the 'heart problem' was not service related so they aren't going to pay for any of it. At least I didn't use the ambuland this time. That would add another $700+ dollars to the 3 day hosital stay. Now trying to straighten this out.

I hope the pressure bandages work for Jan. I have some blow up slip on things that blow up adn then release and then blow up again. I guess it's supposed to be good bor the prevention of blood clots in the legs. I just forget that it's in the closet and very seldom use them!!

Going for a Dexa Scan tomorrow to find out how much bone loss I've had. I joined the Navy in 1960 and I was 5' 7". Now I'm only 5' 4". That's awful becaue the shorter you get the more weight you have to lose! I'll be able to walk some after they start the shots for the bone loss. Maybe then I can start losing the weight. I think I have to get back to the weight I had in 8th grade to make the doctors happy. Yukk!

Have a nice day and hugs to Jan. Get well soon so you can finish the preps for winter.