Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer is gone here for a while

Goodmorning everybody!

The last week we didn't have real nice weather. Lots of rainshowers, sometimes the sky is clearing up though, and we have a bit of sunshine. Nevertheless the temperatures are really too low for this time of the year.
They say that next week it will be somewhat better, temperatures will go up a few degrees, so we keep up hope.
Concerning my laptop, I think it works rather well, but I am very slow with installing software on it, I first want to see how this laptop will hold on, before i get a lot of stuff uploaded again.
Yesterday we went to Heidi and Danny, where Danny showed us their interactive digital tv modem, and it looks ever so nice. We have a modem for digital tv, but not yet possibility of recording or rewatching programs. We still register on and "old"dvd recorder and video, but we only can register channels that are also still on analogue broadcasting. But I think that soon will be over completely, so we will have to change our modem and digital receiver.
Now we have to look into two or three different suppliers for that stuff, to see which one would be bst for us.
Our supplier is okay, but if we want interactive, we will have to buy the receiver and that is a lot of money. If we change of supplier we get all for free. May be next week Heidi will come over and do the negociating for me, it seems she is a crack in that LOL.
If we change supplier it may happen that I am off internet for a short while, I don;t know yet, but it could happen.
and there is also the price to consider, although I think there will not be much difference between them, it's more question of offer of channels and such that may differ a bit.
Oh my, choices to be made, aweful! LOL.
Heidi gave us also a laptop they had kind of spare,(isn;t that sweet of her? we can borrow it for a unlimited time, at the moment they don;t need it, cause they have several ones at home) now Jan also can learn computering, only trouble will be that I will have to explain to him all kind of things and both of us aren;t the most patient, hmmmm, you get the idea????
Ladies, there is no freebie yet for you, and it may take some more time before I get into designng again. I hope you will bare with me.

That's it again for today, I am already glad I can post on my blog again, the rest will come too.
Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
It was so funny reading that Jan can learn computering, and you will be the teacher !!
You will have to be VERY patient... sorry, that's not funny at all !
Maybe Heidi's husband could teach him some things and help you ?
it would be better, if you both aren't really patient... LOL !
What about your garden ? your lovely flowers ??
Take care of yourself, and have a wonderful week !

Edna B said...

It's so good to have you back my friend. What good luck that Heidi has an extra computer and knows a bit about the service carrier.

As for Jan, once he gets going with maybe an email account and learning how to surf the web or play games, he'll do just fine.

Take your time, and good luck with your new computer. Have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update Kyra. It's good that things are going well with the laptop. It is a good idea to go slowly and make sure it works OK first.
With all the changes in technology sometimes you can get a headache just trying to think about it all. It is good you will have Heidi to help sort it out.
I wish you good luck trying to teach Jan how to use the computer. You both may need to "count to 10" a lot, but I'm sure you will get there...

fl_connie said...

So happy you've got your internet & computer going! It's such a frustrating thing when you can't use your computer and/or can't get online! And one of these days, you'll start designing again, lol! In the meantime - just enjoy yourself!