Monday, August 25, 2014

I do a lot of reading about windows 8

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I am a bit learning my own windows 7 too, but it is not so hard. On the other hand the windows 8 jan has, is a lot different, and so I do a lot of reading on line about it, to find out how to use it. Then I should explain that to Jan, which isn;t an easy task. I hope one of these days Heidi will have some time to come over and show us a bit about it, may be she is more patient than me LOL!
We had a quiet weekend, and our anniversairy yesterday was just like any other Sunday, but I made a nice dinner and we had some belgian bonbons with our coffee yummie.
Now i soon will have to wake Jan, so he has his time to shower and have something to drink and eat, before going to his interview with the Health Security about his future. I do so hope he will get a decent disablity payment, but you never know with those guys!

Then tomorrow he has to go to hospital again for another test, a scan again, his doctor wants to have that done for extra information. well, Jan surely has enough to tell about his health problems when he has that health security interview!!
He isn;t the complaining type at all(sometimes I would like he talked a bit more about it), but I can see he has pain moments during the day, from both his back(something that will stay I guess) but also his belly bothers him at times. He can take the painkillers, of course, but he wants to use them as little as possible.
If he takes too many it feels like he walkinn on misty clouds. So they help, but aren;t the best things to have in your body.
getting older sure sometimes can play tricks with your health.

With all those new thinggs on the market, like the computers, mp3 players, phones tablets etc. it isn;t easy to cope with all that, LOL! Now yesterday i saw something funny on tv. Do you remember the fantastic walkman we used to have? A tv crew gave some "old-fashioned"walkman's to some kids with the task to get them working. Oh my, they didn;t had a clou! Just one or two managed to really get it playing! How quick all things change nowadays.

On that note I will end my post now, and i rwally need to get some things done today. We've been lazy the last two days, but the house wants attention, hahahaha.
may be it will stay dry more or less, we had some thunder and lightning again in the weekend and some rain, I think we had enough rain for now, but still some more is expected. Brighter news is that the temperatures might rise with a degree or two, ccannot wait till thaat happens! I am not done yet with summer.
Have a lovely day,


Edna B said...

Good luck trying to figure out Windows 8. A friend of mine bought a new laptop with this and to date has still not figured it out.

Some of the laptops have both 7 & 8 installed and one of the icons on the desk top will change over to Windows 7. I don't know anyone who likes the 8 version.

Maybe a book "Learn Windows 8 Visually" could help. Sometimes Amazon has used copies at a really good price.

I thought that was funny about the "Walkman". Technology has come so far in so few years. Thank goodness there are youngsters to teach us. lol.

You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Teresa Smith said...

I read your post about your new Windows 8 and I don't like it either and I've had it since December 2013. When my laptop starts up, I click on the 'Desktop' button and that's where I stay. I put a shortcut to my 'Start Menu' folder on the desktop, so I have easy access to all software installed. I also put shortcuts for the software I use most on my taskbar. And I put a shortcut to my 'Control Panel' on the 'Windows' menu where the start button used to be. That is my workaround and except for the start button, my Windows 8 looks like Windows 7! And rumor has it, so many people have complained about Windows 8, Microsoft is bringing back the Start button in Windows 9 :) HTH