Monday, June 09, 2014

Such lovely days

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we are having some real summer days here, so warm we even could leave the garden doors open yesterday till the time we went to bed.
But we had also some fierce rainshowers, most during the night, it seems that Saturday night there was even some thunder and lightning, according to Jan. I didn;t notice any of it LOL!

Friday Jan and I went to the market, it was such nice weather for it. We came home with strawberries, mini cucumber, some cheese, prunes and mandarines.
So we can take in a lot of vitamines!

With the rainshowers and warm and sunny days you almost can see changes in the garden every day.
Saturday when I was out for the newspaper, I couldn;t resist walking to the flowershop where they have lots of garden plants too. And I came back with some.
We have two cannisters, where Jan plated bulbs, but they don;t performe very well. Lots of leaves, but still no sign of a bud. So I wanted to change that into happy and colorfull cannisters.
We planted the bulbs in another one(cause you never know if still something lovely comes out of them ) and replanted the two, close to our sitting place at the patio.
Of course I;ve made a picture of one of them. We have a lupine in the middle, srrounded by little carnations. They have all sorts of candy like colors.
Made another photo of one of the anemones that do their best giving lots of flowers.
And the first of the dahlia's came to bloom! This one is a rather tall plant, with a lovely flower. And soon another specious will come to bloom too, which only will have about 30-40 cms of hieght.
Then we are of full expectation still of the real tall ones we planted, about 80 cms. high and should have a BIG flower.
But here the photo of the 1st, not completely sharp, I think, but well enough to see how sweet it is.
So slowly more and more is starting to bloom, and keeps us busy, pinching out the dead flowerheads.

We also enjoyed some great matches from our hockeyteams. They still have to do one match in the 1st round, but already are sure of a place int semi finals.
Also have to congratulate the American women team, doing great as well as the Australians, last one both men and women and the Belgian men team is doing very well too. So still exciting matches to come, to see which will reach the semi finals! Only the frist two of each pool wil go through.

We will certainly enjoy the summer day today, as for the rest of the week there will be some temperature dropdown(weather is still acting like a yoyo), although there will still enough sunshine to enjoy.

Today also is the birthday of my mother, who already passed away a long time ago, but I always put on a light at such days. Almost impossible to imagine that if she stayed alive till now she would have 98 years of age! That shows how quickly we grow old too LOL!
No. I am not really sad, it is life and it happened a long time ago, but no matter how long ago, she still is near to me, into my thoughts and heart, as well as my father.
And that is a good feeling.

Now time for the second part of the kit Summer Explosion. I am busy with another kit, almost ready, yeah, but must find a name for it. Hmmm, something will pop up when making the preview(I hope).
You all have a marvelous day, see you back on Wednesday, with Arlene's add-on, and that's super.
Download    part 2  HERE


Edna B said...

My goodness, your garden flowers are just beautiful. It must be wonderful to sit out on your patio and enjoy all the beautiful colors. We are having some wonderful weather too. Now that Joe has put the screens on my doors, I can leave them open and the warm fresh air feels good.

I'm home from work now and my little fellow is snuggled up next to me. It is such a joy to come home to him. He gives me a big welcome with lots of hugs.

I'm off now to do a few chores around the house. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Good morning Kyra,
I love reading about your garden. And I enjoy the pictures too. Lovely flowers. I'm thinking today might be a day for me to get a bakers rack and put it in front of the East facing window for all of our lovely house plants. They are good for my COPD. They clean the indoor air.

Thanks for part 2 of the lovely kit. I'm going to have some fun today with all the lovely kits from both you and Miriam.

Thank you very much. Have a good day and enjoy the outdoors.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
Thank you also for showing us your lovely flowers, they are very pretty...

Jujublu said...

such beautiful flowers! thanks for sharing

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning...what lovely, lovely flowers...I just adore looking at your garden. I wish mine was where I could sit and look at them, but alas, they are out front of the house where everyone else can look at them....LOL! I have too many feral cats that I feed in the back to fix a garden of flowers for them to lay upon and crush down...ROFL...yeah I know, excuses, excuses right?
Anyhow, thanks for this beautifully bright and lovely kit. I so appreciate all you share my friend. Have a terrific week! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Wonderful garden of cottage delight... thanks for sharing your day to day life. Many thanks for your vibrant color infusion .. summer explosion, your work is delightful. pass thanks to Arlene for sharing her fab artistry also. Hugs. Annette (Australia)