Monday, May 12, 2014

TADAAA!! My afghan is finished!

Goodmorning everybody!

Not too great weather at the moment. Lots of rainshowers, temperatures bit too low, so not a lot of garden time.
But  sometimes that isn;t too bad, cause we can do other things instead.
Like on Friday, oh my, I was a busy little bee.
After I posted on my blog, I stayed a bit longer at the computer, but then shut it down and jumped into some clothes. I had no plans of going out, although by then it still was acceptable weather.
Jan decided to walk to the market and I was happy about it. I seem to be more productive when he is out of the way LOL.
I already turned on the washing machine, and Jan out of the house, I started with the dust bunnies. And oh my, some of the wood of the furniture could do with some polishing, so I did that too.
I looked at the front window and decided that the curtains looked a bit "tatty"so took them off and handwahsed them. When soaking in the sink, I cleaned the window too. Only the inside, because there was soo much wind outside, I thought it had to wait for another time.
Then the laundry was ready, so I hanged that out, while the curtain was drying in the garden.
Laundry done, th curtain was still dripping, so I took out the vacuum cleaner.
The room done, I took the curtain and hanged it on the window. Oh, that was a much better sight, freash and crispy color again LOL.
The did the rest of the house with the vacuum cleaner.
I think I was really busy with all that for about 2 hours or so. By then I was a little bit pooped out but very happy. So I had a little tour in the garden, picking some dead flowers heads here and there, also have combed the cat( searching for some nasty flees, but there weren;t much, hoorray!) Brodski rather likes it and specially the "after treatment", when I comb him with a soft comb to get his fur nice and soft again.
Then I thought I had done enough and sat down with a sandwich.
By that time Jan came home again, with some aplles to make apple compote, and some vegetables and everybody was happy LOL.

You can imagine that next day I took it a lot easier. Also the weather was worse, so I only went out for a moment to get us the newspaper and was happy to quickly return home, cause it was raining.
In the evening we watched the Eurovision Song contest and imagine......... our contribution ended up as second! That was the best result for many years, and they did very well. The song of Austria, that won the contest was a real good one and a deserved winner.
Yesterday I could finish the afghan, tadaa!!! Finally! It's on our couch now and I am quite happy with it.
And yes, I;ve taken a photo of it.
I very much like the lace tectured stitch on the right side of it.

So now on to the next one, oh yes, I;ve started already. I just have to stay busy with my hands, specially in the evenings when watching tv. It helps to stay awake, LOL.
As today still doesn;t look too good outside, I think we will stay in, doing a bit of this and that, may be later we will have a little bit of sun, but further on in the week weather will improve again, which will be a good thing. Some of our seedlings need to be planted out in the garden.

Today I havet he second part of the kit "Still Missing you, Mama". Wednesday I will have the add-on of Arlene, and oh, she made lovely frame clusters and a BEAUTIFUL quickpage!
Linda made a lovely quickpage too, with the 1 st part of the kit, soft and tender, you'll just have to take a look!
That's about all for now. I hope to finish another kit today, and also want to make a new bloglayout, it's about time for a change of that again.
Have a fantastic day!

Download    part 2 HERE


Oma Ali said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely talent with the rest of us. I do so enjoy reading your blog, it gives a little insight into how things are on your side of the world.

Oma Ali from New Zealand.

Edna B said...

Goodness Kyra, your sofa coverlet is gorgeous! What a lot of work. How many panels did it take to make the whole thing? It really looks grand on your sofa. Your Miss You kit is lovely too.

I could use some of your energy. Gosh, you get a lot of work done in just a couple of hours. I'm lucky to finish the dishes and the laundry in that same time. lol.

I did stay home last night, and it made a great way to end a beautiful day. My bosses were not happy with me, but Pogo was just thrilled!

Now I have to get busy here and post my blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely Momma download.
Your afghan looks really nice, I like the lace part too. Your must be a very fast knitter...

Tammy Tags said...

Beautiful afghan! You are so talented! Thanks for the free kit.