Friday, May 02, 2014

Still busy on my afghan.

Goodmorning everybody!

Last two days I did a few things around the house, although today still is waiting the vacuum cleaning and removing some dust bunnies LOL.
And although the days are a bit cooler for mow, we still have sunshine and when it is shining and you can sit out of the wind it is great!
In our part of the country we have so little rain at the moment, that we even have to water the garden every other day. I think Jan got the gardening virus almost completely now, he is looking after the seedlings and all of the garden like a mother hen, all the time coming up with suggestions where to plant them later on, hustling up a bit the plants that have a place already, re-creating a bit of space.
I really have to slow him down sometimes, trying to ecplain to him, that plants also need a bit of rest to settle down, but I have to dose my "comments and advice"don't want to spoil his fun LOL.

I am really preogressing on the afghan now, I already started to assemble the different parts together, one to go and then have to see if it's big enough for the couch. In vetween I started to knit also a border for it, I think that will make it look better.
Then also looking around on different sites if I can find a nice afghan pattern for perhaps the next project, seen a couple, now only have to decide what color, or color combination.

With all that going on, the garden, the house, search on internet, doing some shopping time passes quickly, and it effects a bit the  kit designing. At the moment I am in a mood that is aweful! No, I am not grumpy, nothing like that,but I am talking about the designing. I start a kit, make a couple of papers(I usually start with the papers), look at it the next day and delete them again, I just don;t like them. So I start over again, and this is going on the last couple of weeks. Therefor you can imagine the production rate is rather low now ROFL.
I have those moments evenry now and then, it just has to pass away and t certain point suddenly everythings flows from brain to result without any rimple and kits grow easily. It probably means I will have to be a little patient( and I am NOT always patient, believe me)/

For a couple of weeks we will have a bit of mess at the street again, because the council is placing underground containers for collecting the garbage bags/. I wonder why they didn;t place them already while they were busy with the new water and gas pipes ? At that time they already made the places for the containers, but it took some months now before placing them. Perhaps I don;t understand the planning they do?
If we are lucky, we will have a container just a few meters away from our house, so we won;t have to walk very far with our bags,

Okay, with that awesome interesting news, LOL, I will finish this post, I have to get busy soon.
As I promised I have the clusters and quickpage for you from Arlene, made with the kit Gardener's World. Really lovely work she did.
The weekend we might have not too good weather, even a bit "colder", but next week temps should rise again and sunshine will be our part. May be jan and I can go to a parc, where they have a section called "The Japanese Garden". It's only open for visitors a short time in Spring, so we cannot wait too long to visit. It's a beautiful place, really in Japanese style, with lots of tress that should flower, and little bridges over lovely little ponds. It's been a long time ago we were there, and I really like to o there, and it's a great place to take some fantastic photos.
So cross fingers that next week there will be a day with sunshine, nice temperatures and not too much wind. Would be perfect.
Have a wonderful weekend you all, thanks for your visits and comments, ALWAYS love to read them.
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

I agree, Arlene did a lovely job with the add ons. Very pretty. My hubby used to love to putter around in the garden too. He loved watching the plants grow. Especially the veggies.

We are hoping to do a bit of work this weekend in the bigger garden on the other side of the house. With luck, we will be able to go to the garden center and buy some veggie plants to put in. I think we will buy some new fencing wire to put around the veggies. I also want to plant some marigolds in with them, and we'll sprinkle some cayenne pepper around. Hopefully this will help to keep the critters away.

It's almost time for me to pack up my things and head on home. You have a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine and warm temps. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
Perhaps because you have made so many lovely kits your brain is wanting a little rest and that is why you are having trouble making them.
When it has had enough rest you will be able to have many lovely ideas again...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for Arlene's share they are lovely as usual. I seem to be too tired lately to do much of anything, if I sit still for a few minutes, I'm yawning and can't stop, so I go take a nap and start over again...must be getting old right? ROFL...anyhow, have a terrific week and I will check back soon. Hugs, Mat