Monday, April 07, 2014

I was ALL mixe up!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gosh, I was really mixing it up in the Friday post, concerning The Daddies! For one: the program is NOT So you think you can dance(we have that one too, but it's all different) but "Everybody Dance Now".
And last Friday was the second half final of the show, so The Daddies were not there, cause they already got into the final, and that will be this week.!Confusing hey?
But never the less it was a good show and some real good performances.
What I did that Friday? Oh yes, I went to the market!
Gosh, it's becoming a bit of a mess there, with the works going on there to (hoepfully) improve the market. Still it's nice to have a walk there and I came home with just a few things, but it was okay.
I found some great French cheese, which was an offer for nice prive(one of it was a goatcheese, I love those, specially the "older"ones). Yummie, I also bought a french bread and we took that later in the evenings in the weekend.
satuday you sould know where I went LOL!
Yes, to that supermarket with the offer of gardenplants.
Oh my, I had to control myself there, because they really had a lot of different ones but I came home with two rose bushes( okay, they are now just stems but I hope soon the leaves will come out), and imagine this, two roses for the price of     € 1,50 !!I don;t know if they will EVEr become real rose bushes, but for that price it's worth the try.
And I also bought a little rhododenron (well, I think it's an azalea but sometimes the names are mixed up) and and abutilon( which is more a plant for a big planter, which I have surprisinly).
Then also two seed sackets, with all prepared seed mats in it, so you have only to sread it out on the soil, make it wet enough an cover it with a thin layer of soil.
And a package of seeds of beans, just for the fun to try. And some great slippers to use for the garden, I saw them standing, looked at the size, oh, just the right one for me, and then saw the price, was reduced and had to take them home LOL).
Even bought there a few grocerie things and wnet home quickly.
And the weather was soooo great, that Jan and I right away started planting all the new stuff( had to  remove and re-plant some things to find room LOL, ) and after all was done, had a relax hour in the garden, in the sun.
Great Satuday!
Yesterday the weather was cloudy and rainy, had to stay in, okay, I changed the bedsheets, to give myself the feeling I actually did something that was ncessary, hahaha, but the rest of the day we took it easy.
But'''in the late evenings"when it is dark already, I go again snail-hunting"Yeah, they are starting to come now and I just have to do the most to protect all the new plants that start to grow.
Sorry for the snails, but we love our plants, so some of those creatures just have to disappear.
And already saw some of the froggs again.

So that's it more or less, now have to linger not too long at the computer, because today I will go to the doggies again. Don;t know if Heidi will be home when I return of the doggie walk, but if she is, I will tell her all about the plants I bought LOL.
Today I only have a kit for you, the clusters(which are a treat) from Arlene will be ready for you on Wednesday, because I received them but don;t have time anymore to make the preview and upload them.
So today just the kit"Don't be Sad"and on Wednesday the clusters. Is that an okay-deal?
Till Wednesday again
Have a wonderful Monday.
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Edna B said...

Oh my but you have been quite busy! This week, Pogo and I are going to treat ourselves to a trip to the garden center to what is new for planting this year. I'm hoping to buy some new plants. Our temperature is finally warming up and feeling like Spring. Joe has started cleaning out the gardens, and making them ready for some new seeds and bulbs. Yes, yes, yes!! Can you tell I love the Spring time? Now I'm off to find some mischief to get into today. You have a fabulous day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

That was a fun weekend. When I used to be able to garden I used a frisbee laid flat on the ground and filled with beer. They love the malt yeast smell and thy climb in...get drunk and can't climb out so they drown.

That's a pretty kit and I look forward to seeing what Arlene is doing with it. Thank you both.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, busy, busy lady! Now that you have Jan hooked on the gardening too, you both seem to be having fun with it....LOL! Wish I could do more gardening, but it is so hard to get down and up, I just plant some large pots and arrange them around in the front of the way to put anything in the back as the cats, racoons, opossum and the other critters would just destroy them...LOL!
Thanks for the lovely kit and will look forward to Arlene's clusters tomorrow...!
Hugs to you both my friend. Luv, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit...