Friday, January 31, 2014

Royal birthday today.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, today there is a birthday in the royal family. Our former queen(now Princess Beatrix, mother of our king) has her birthday. She reached the age of 76. Wishing her still many good and healthy years.

Jan's birthday on Wednesday was a nice day. He received a couple of phonecalls of some friends, also from his brother, and I passed on all your wishes too!
I did find something tasty for dinner when I did my shoppping, and afterdinner, when all the washing up was done, we spent a nice evening together.
Oh, at coffee time somewhat after dinner I had a little surprise for him( just for fun, nothing special). I snatched a cookey out of the tin and put on a tiny little candle on it and brought it into the room , lit and all, singing "Happy Birthday"to him ROFL!
We really had a good laugh about it and his comment was"You are completely nuts and probably never will get any better"!
But isn;t it lovely we still can have a good laugh together about such a small thing?

Yesterday I went to town centre for a couple of hours, not long though/ Had to bring a bill that needed to be payed to the bank, and also wanted to get some new noodle soups from the Chinese.
Also did buy us some tobacco( we make our own cigarettes, that's a lot cheaper than buying a package). Smoking isn't good, I know, but it's something we just like to do, and giving it p .....ahhhhh.........not yet.
I looked around a bit in some shops and then returned home. Still it was good to be out for a while, and linger along without any pressure.

We still have no real winter here, happy to say. In other parts there is some snow, and even a freezing at night time. But for now the weather forecast isn;t showing any real cold and such. Never know though how long that will hold on. We easily could have real winter somewhere in February or even March. Still, let's be happy with the weather we have now.

Can you believe that already next week the Olympics will start?  It's been such a long way to it for many sporters, and soon now they will have to give their best perfomance possible!
Of course I am surious to see how our Duch sporters will do. We hope to get a couple of medalls, specially with the speed skating.
I just hope all of the sportsmen and women will be able to give their best performance and have a great time.

Think today I will do a bit of work here in the house, and this evening we will watch The Voice of Holland Kids again. Amazing how many really talented youngsters there are.  They reach the battle rounds now, so it's really getting "serious" for them now.
Of course we hope that some of our favourites will survive this round and get perhaps into the final in a couple of weeks.

Well ladies, time to finish the post and get to the freebie.
This one is namend "Mélodies d'antan"  ( meaning melodies of yesteryear), a quite nostalgic, vinatge looking one. Two fantastic cluster frames made by Arlene too!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
This kit is terriiiiific !!! and of course I just love those papers! what a beautiful work.....! A big thank to Arlene too ! Have both a fantastic week-end !

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm sorry I wasn't on the computer on Wednesday but you wish Jan a bunch of birthday years for me. I just downloaded the new kit and it looks lovely. I'm sure I'll have fun with it.
Is there any way to post some of the pictures I've done with your kits? I may not inspire anyone but it's a thought. Thank you for sharing with us.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Shirley said...

Thank you for another lovely kit

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Another day and Another FABULOUS kit from you and gorgeous clusters from Arlene. I did all my shopping yesterday and went to lunch with Nina and her hubby, then I just wanted to be outside. It was rather warm(76F)and gorgeous after all those bone chilling cold windy days, but alas, not to last, another front blew in overnight dropping temps from the mid 60's overnight low to the upper 30's and now they are predicting ice and snow for tomorrow.....I want off this carousel ride NOW! ROFL!
Glad you and Jan had a great week, I did too, mostly! I rested most of the day Thursday, then hurried and got all the dust bunnies up and vacuumed and clothes washed so I could go to Kathleen's for a super bowl party tomorrow....NOT NOW...I do not drive on the ice, so I will be watching the game from home wrapped in a blanket and cats....staying warm and cozy! LOL!
Have a terrific weekend...1 more week for the Olympics, can hardly wait. BTW....I put my gorgeous page of MzKitty that you made for me on my Facebook and everyone is oohing and awing over it...thanks again dear lady! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

It's good that you can still do simple fun things together. That's the best part of life. Our weather has been pretty good these past couple of days, with a nice day forecast for tomorrow. It would be nice to slide right into Spring this way. Ah well, I just enjoy the days as we get them. Tonight I will try going back to work. It's been a while. So, you rest up my friend, and take care. Hugs, Edna B.