Monday, December 02, 2013

We will have to work hard this week!

Goodmorning everybody!

 I almost can't believe it, that we already are living the last month of the year again! I know, I often sya that times goes by so quickly, but everybow and then in the year it seems to fly at high-speed LOL.
Sometimes I siat back for a moment, thinking over the last two days, saying to myself: "Okay, you did this and that, you were busy with a lot of things, but the rest of the time, where did it go???
The same with this weekend, we did little things, yesterday I admit, I slept a loooong time( seemes I needed it, so hoorray, but on the other hand I don't like to wake up late in the morning, already about half a day is just gone), and here Monday is again.
This week Jan and I will have to try to do some more work, if possible get rid of all the stuff that's still standing around in the extension.
And I hope to start the Christmas decoration by the end of the week.
One of my bears is already in Christmas outfit, grin, because I knitted him a Christmas hat. The ones I have are all too small for him.
Still busy knitting a cover for the ouch in Christmas style, I had still left overs of wool from other projects, some red, white in light grey.

Today will be a great day to start with the living room, give it a thourough vacuum cleaning, then perhaps next will be changing of the bedsheets, and I still have one strain of Christmaslights to clean. May be tomorrow Jan can start hanging them back at the ceiling.

This month will be a festive month, concerning downloads. I have lots of Christmaskits for you, and will start today with a smaller Christmas freebie. I've made you some more Christmas tags, you can print out if you want, two bookmakrs, a wish list, and two Christmaspapers you also could print out and use it for a special little gift. Hope it will be useful for you.
Wednesday I will probably have a proper Christmaskit for you, with awesome clusters and more from Arlene.
Not too much more to ramble about, so I better finish this post, do some bloghopping and then quickly start my cleaning day!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely Christmas pieces.
Your new background is nice too...

Edna B said...

What a wonderful assortment of Christmas things in your kit!! I know what you mean. The year is almost gone, and I'm not sure where it all went. I want to start putting up our decorations this week too. It always feels much nicer when there are Christmas lights. Now I'm off to see what I can do before naptime. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I picked up the tags. Thank you! I also got the part of the blog train from you and Arlene. Thanks for them also. I went through the train...not all were ready. some had such a complicated blog page I couldn't find a download button so I went to the next one. A couple use a system that if you don't pay for the upgrade you can't download...passed them by also! But I got some really good things to use. Now my family needs to get busy dressing up and getting some Christmas pictures done. Thank you again for the lovely goodies you make. You're one of my two favorites! Love & Hugs from Washington State.