Monday, December 16, 2013

Quiet days, quiet nights, quiet weather.

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a quiet weekend, but a nice one. The weather here is still trying to do its best, no snow, not too much rain, temps around 48-52F, I can digg that!
Friday evening we were almost  installed on the couch to have a nice tv evening and suddenly the bell rang.
So I went to the door and whooooooo, it was the postman with a package for me!
And even nicer, it was a Christmas box!
I put it on wait on a chair, because I was busy chaning the Christmaslights in our manger, they died finally, after years of use, but we still had another string, so all is as it should be again.
Then I unpacked the box. Oh, my, it was full of beautiful wrapped presents, just taking them out was already great fun!
Jan and i stayed "good"and only placed them under our tree, Santa wants us to wait opening them till Christmasday!
But it made our weekend.
I made a photo of the tree with the presents, and it looks so nice.
I made it with full flash, so you can see them well. There was almost not enough room under the tree, to arrane them nicely, LOL.
We are just like little children, throwing every now and then an eye at the presents, counting how many days we still have to wait ROFL.
But isn;t that also part of the fun at Christmas? I think so!

The weekend was a real quiet one, I did do a little bit of housekeeping, but I cannot say it wore me out, grin!
Saturday evening/night I went to sleep much too late, it was far into the night, but we just couldn't stop watiching the detective we recorded on dvd earlier the evening(because we wanted to watch another program), so Sunday I did sleep a bit longer, but not enough. Got myself into a kind of allright shape after a long, warm shower, but after I prepared most of our dinner to be finished at dinner time I kind of collapsed and fell asleep in the chair. Jan already was stretched out on the couch, catching up some sleep.
Okay, yesterday I went to bed a whee bit earlier, had a good sleep, so I feel already a lot better.
We may go to the market today, a fresh sniff of air will do us good, then we can take from there some veggies and such, already some probably for Christmas, waiting in the freezer.
Better to do it now, because the market will not be so crowded yet.

Time almost to make a small pot of coffee, when that is ready I will wake up Jan, we will have a cup of the delicious dark brown stuff and then take off to the market.
So I should finish this post now, not without leaving you a freebie, and yes, another Christmas kit.
This is a more vintage one, as you can tell by the name"Santa with Vintage Charm".
Hope you still have some place one your harddrive. Arlene made another beautiful pageborder, a cluster and frame for you!
Have a lovely day!
Download    HERE
Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Kyra & Jan!
So glad you had a nice weekend of rest and relaxing, watching your taped up shows, that is about all I did too. I did do a little bit of housework too, but then I scrapped a bit and read a bit and snoozed a bit too...LOL! I love weekends just for that reason, it is usually "down time" for my brain to slow it down some.
Thanks so very much for the Vintage kit and please send thanks to Arlene for her share too! You are both so very generous.
Well, off to get dressed am taking my friend Janet in for her radiation treatment today...she is doing pretty good, half way through, but I think she is slowly losing her voice so we can't chat as much on the phone each day.
Enjoy your lovely tree and the mystery of your packages, not much longer now! LOL!
Have a terrific week. Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Having fun with the tree and the presents is all a part of the joy of the holiday. I rearrange the things under my tree and touch them too. We never lose the child in us when Christmas time rolls around. That's a goog thing. You are wise to do your food shopping a bit early because soon the markets will be so crowded with all the folks who always wait till the last minute. We will do ours this week on Thursday night.

Don't worry about sleeping late every now and then. Our bodies know when they need this sleep so it is good for you. I slept quite late this morning and feel good about it. Now I need to find some mischief to get into today. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

I always find room on my hard drive for you and Arlene. Thank you for sharing your lovelies!

Галина Косинова said...

Большое спасибо за чудесные наборы 1!!!