Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh, it's wonderful experience LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!!

This should be about the last post in which I am talking about leaks and such!!!
Can you imagine what a luxury it feels, that we have a dry toiletroom??? It seems all has been fixed. Now only the hole in the ceiling has to be done. They said they will come Sunday to do that and also paint at the same time the ceiling. When that done, we hopefully can forget all about it.

Jan did have his echo examination yesterday. Nothing spectacular showed up, at the first glance(yuppie), he still have to wait the final outcome given by his doctor, next week, but I am already glad that first look at it didn't ring the alarm bell.

Oh, our doorbell died, so sad! So after his hospital visit Jan went to the DIY market to get us another one. He found a nice one, about the same we had, but from another brand, it's a wireless one too, very easy to install. Back home he right away put in the batteries and of course we had to try it out. It had a good sound but........after pushing the button to get the bell working it stayed ringing it's melody all the time!!!!!!!! Of course, this would happen only to us, we had a Monday morning product!!!
Poor guy climbed on his bike and went back to the DIY. No problem there, he got a new one(and he was so clever to try it out there first, hahaha) and now we have a good working doorbell again.
It has 16 different song-melodies to choose from, if get bored of the one we have now, we just chenge it. Plus it has a "normal"ring sound too and even a flashing light when it's in working order. Good thing for people with not so good hearing, but we turned that off.

With Jan away for a bit of time, yesterday morning, I took advantage of it and gave the home a good sweep with the vacuum cleaner. also another laundry is hanging to dry, which means there is some dry one waiting to be ironed, sigh! It's not too much, so I will do it somewhere this weekend.
Oh, I did go to the market on Wednesday, only got me a few things I really wanted to have, like some fruit (we discoverd "kaki"s", did you ever taste one??? The are great! Wonderful they don;t have pits, so you can eat all of it), and another load of stew pears and on the way back I bought some meat for part of next week.
No idea what today will bring and if we show much activity, that's always a surprise, hahaha.
I might start wrapping up some Christmas presents, soon it will be time to post some. I already have found a couple of boxes that might serve well, and like I said before, I did find them at the toy store, tadaaa.

Kit today is"A Story Told". Made you a preview of the complete kit and one of the papers. And arlene has been very generous, LOL, she made you  4 clusters to go with it!
I am on good track to offer you almost all of December only Christmaskits. Yeah, I know I get carried away, but they are so nice to design, and still some ideas linger in the depths of my brain!
And then I am working on and off on a request for a themed kit, it isn't going all too smoothly, but I hope to finish it soon too.
Time now to do a bit of bloghopping and then play a bit in Photoshop Elements and after that I will get dressed and do (perhaps) something useful ROFL.
Have a lovely day and weekend.




Edna B said...

Your good news is wonderful. It will be nice not to have any more water leaks. I'm so happy for you. It was good to hear that Jan's doctor appointment went well.

We are expecting light rain all day today. It seems like whenever we get a day that is not too cold, it rains. lol. Ah well, I'm just hoping that next weeks storm doesn't bring a lot of snow and ice. Keeping my fingers crossed. It is easier to deal with the rain.

Coffee is beginning to taste better, so I guess that is good news. Now I have some emails and blog reading to catch up on. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Pauline Thompson said...

Love this one! Thank you!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O so glad the leak is fixed and soon the ceiling will be repaired too. Just in time for lovely holidays!
Am glad too the outcome of Jan's visit. Thank you and Arlene both for the lovely gifts today! I so appreciate all you share!
Last night at dinner time it was 74F this morning 34F with a windchill in the upper 20's, lots of leaves off the trees with all the wind and lots of power poles broken and folks without electricity or is raining now, just a slow heavy mist, but so very cold with that strong north wind, so am staying inside and at the computer....LOL! (Like I need an excuse?)
Have a terrific weekend, chat more with you next week!
Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you and Arlene for the lovely downloads.
It is excellent news that the leak appears to have been fixed at last. I really hope that they also do a good job on repairing the hole and doing the painting.
I think you might be underestimating yourself when you hint that the work you do on the computer isn't useful. You have many people who are grateful for the time you spend doing your wonderful kits (I think your time is well spent)...