Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It apparantly has been done!

Goodmorning everybody!!!
with some caution, I think I can say the leak seems to be fixed. Wow, Monday they were doing some work on it, yesterday they were busy till around 9 o'clock in the evening!
But as far as we can see, the toilet room stays dry from somewhere yesterday. Oh, if it really would stay this way, we would turn into very happy persons!!!LOL.
Thee is still the hole to be fixed, and they have still some mending work to do in their appartment( they had to take off part of the tiles there at the least), but till now, it looks good.

That is about the most exciting news of the past days I can give you, but for us it is big news.
This whole damned thing with leaks on and off kept us away from really going on with our project in the house. Now that it is done with(well, till now it looks good, I am still careful to be too satisfied and re-assured), perhaps we will find new energy to go on and finish it finally.

Yesterday I found the last presents for Christmas, even bought some wrapping paper, so I can do the wrapping one of these days, only will have to find a little box for posting. That will not be a big problem, near us is a toy shop and they always have lots of carton boxes empty, so I will ask them to give me one.

Then soon Jan will have to put back all the Christmas lights we have hanging on the ceiling beams, we took them off as we painted the living room, I almost cleaned them all up, so ti's about time to attach them again. I think it will take a bit of patience(mostly my side LOL), to hang them back, the light cordsare offered in a kind of big circle. The end comes back to the  plug, so it's a closed circuit, bit tricky to hang them right, can you imagine?
Hmm, Jan not always the most patient, me neither, both a bit stuboorn at times, that smells a bit like possible trouble LOL! But in the end all will be well, and I hope to have them back soon, now that the dark days approach quickly.!

Today i think I will have to do the laundry, perhaps even some ironing, Jan wants to continue in the small room near the extension, still some cracks have to be repaired before we can actually paint the walls. Then there still is the sorting out of all the stuuf we took out of the closet, oh boy, difficult!
Once we have that done, all will look already a lot better, then still some re-arranging has to be done of closets , but first we really do have to get rid of all the mess.

Tomorrow Jan will have to go to hospital for a medical examination, that takes place every year, an echo of his belly to check if all is okay there. Next week will be his check up appointment with the doctor.

Today I have but a small freebie for you. I have some kits ready, but as Arlene has a busy time, she didn;t manage to make an add-on for them yet and I like to offer the kits as much as possible with the add-ons at the same time.
I will bring you in a bit of Christmas spirit already, I've made 6 tags for you. They can be used in a layout, of course, but if you want, you can print them on thicker paper or carton and used them for your Christmasgifts.
From Arlene you will have two beautiful page borders, she made with some of my kits.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for your visits, and comments, they are the cherry on top of the cake LOL!

Download    HERE

Download     HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Thank you so much for your wonderful kits, and for the lovely Christmas tags. What a good idea!! Thanks to Arlene for all her work (the QP with November Dusk is so beautiful).
Well, I hope that the leak will be fixed, because you had too many worries with it.
Then, will you post some pictures of your Chritmas lights and decorations ?? I'd love to see them !
Here it's raining and snowing... a very strange weather! but the snow doesn't stay.
I'm super impatient to discover your firt Christmas kits, because THEY are the cherry on top of the cake!!!
Thanks again for all your gifts,
Have a nice day !

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
It's good news about the leak repair. It sounds like you will be very busy hanging your lights too...

Edna B said...

What wonderful news about the fixed leaks. I surely do hope they are fixed for good and you can get back to fixing up your home.

Pogo is feeling much better today. and back to his perky self. I'm even feeling better, a bit more each day.

We have an organization who helps the needy, and today they came and picked up three large trash bags full of things that I am cleaning out. I'm trying to fill up at least two bags each month for them. Hopefully, this will clear out a lot of stuff for me.

Now it's time for a little nap. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hooray for the plumbing being fixed. Hope it really is and that he fixes the hole so you can finish your painting in there AGAIN! Fingers crossed it is correctly fixed too! LOL!
Hope all good reports on Jan's visit for his tests. I pray for patience for both of you to finish your chore with the painting, etc and to replace all the lights the way you want them.
I haven't even thought about getting out my decorations yet, but am getting in the mood with playing of Christmas music...ROFL!
Thanks for the lovely tags and for Arlene's borders. Off here now to visit, then gotta feed my critters!
Chat more later! Hugs, Mat