Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am a bit in a hurry today.

Goodmorning everybody!

It will be a short post, because early afternoon around 1 oçlock I will Heidi and daughter over for the Sinterklaas rhyme and I should do some things before they are here. May be even go out for a quick shopping, it will be better I do it before they come and not late in the afternoon. I'll see if I can give myself a kick in the butt LOL.

Another big plastic sac is filled with stuff I sorted out. When I do more or less every day something I will get there too! Yes, I am in a radical mood for it now. I cannot hang on to all the old pictures, papers, also books and other stuff , some things just have to go. I also put a couple of stuffed animals at the pile of jigsaws I still have to bring to the charity shop.
So there may be a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, soon ROFL>!

Oh yes, I do have to say this before I finish the post. Yesterday we saw a programme on tv in which they showed how the wool of angora rabbits is collected ( not everywhere the same, but on many places) and it is horrible!!!
This is pure and aweful animal abuse!
My heart really acked looking at those few seconds they showed!
Please take a look at the video at the link, and you will see what I mean!( put your speakers on, and weapon yourself to be able to see this)

I think twice and thrice before I ever buy a sweater made of angora wool. Specially the "cheaper"ones are made with wool, collected this way(mostly in China).

How can  somebody ever work this way????????????? Those people should be punished severe and never be able to make a business again!

On a brighter side now, the kit for today, with a name that suites the time of year(being almost December already) "Where is the Time?".
Beautiful add-on from Arlene.

Wishing you all a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Have just watched that awful video!! I will never buy angora again. Thank you for posting the clip. Now I need to figure out how to post it on facebook.
On a much better topic Thank you for all your beautiful creations that you create they are just beautiful.Hugs Elee

Edna B said...

Kyra, I agree that those folks who inflict pain and suffering on our animals should be severely punished. I cannot watch the video, because it hurts my heart to see the animals suffer. I wonder if man will ever learn to respect all living things. What a glorious day that would be. Enjoy your afternoon visit, and I hope your Thanksgiving day will be peaceful and happy. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Arlene, Thank you both for these lovely pieces.
I wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a safe and happy day...

Marzia said...

Thanks for sharing your talent with us!