Wednesday, October 16, 2013

May be some progress in the leak LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we kept a little "journal"the last couple of days of the leak, when it was there and when it wasn;t.
It surely helped, because when Jan went upstairs on Monday afternoon, the guy there got the times of the leaking and could pinpoint it on the shower used. So now he knew what causes the trouble, and he promised to call for a plumber, I hope this week.
Cross fingers, and let us hope that by the end of the week we are "leakless".

I did excecute some of my plans on Monday, yeah! And yesterday I did already a part of the usual shopping, I had to cope with a bit of rain, but it couldn;t be compared to the showers we had on Sunday!!
Yesterday afternoon I already prepared dinner for that evening, I made macaroni and cheese, added lots of chopped onions, some mushrooms and little dices of ham. To that I made a filled chichenbreast, so we had a tasty dinner.
But I was so enthousiastic in making the macaroni, I have made way too much LOL.
So we can have it for this evening too and I boxed the rest and put it in the freezer. Handy for a day, when I don;t want to cook.

May be today we will have enough less rain, for the moment it looks that way, so perhaps Jan and I will go for a quick market visit. We don;t need too much, but some fresh fruit would be nice.
And I ,ay buy some extra, like prunes, and I can make some jam from it. I loved making it last year, and as we didn;t make it to the raspberries or blackberries this year, I can buy now some cheap fruit for about  € 1,00 a kilo, and have fresh made jam.

I have today two quickpages to show, made by Edna and Linda with some kits of mine.
You will have to go to Edna's blog and Linda's blog for download, and please, if you take them, leave a little thanks in the comment box!

This one is Edna's:
And here is Linda's
Time to close this post, and see what mischief I can get in today ROFL.
But first the freebie. What about another Halloween kit?
This one a far more scary than the Freaky Vintage kit, believe me!!!
Name of the kit.............BEWARE! IT' IS SPOOKY!
And I really, really love the add on from Arlene. Just look at the quickpage she has made! Isn;t it a great one? Well, I hope you can do something with this kit ( and there is still another halloween kit for you "in store!!!")
Have a wonderful day and take care!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these halloween pieces...

Crystalnva said...


Snowy aka Silke said...

OH NO ! Not another leak,lol.Finally finding some time to catch up again. Keeping busy as always.Hope you are well. I see you made some beautiful kits again.Hugs Snow

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Wow, I love your scary kit! And Arlene's pieces are just wonderful. You ladies are an awesome team.

The jams sound so delicious. My Audrey keeps her pantry filled with homemade jams and canned vegetables too. One of her specialties is fruit butters. I love her cranberry butter.

These last couple of days here has been great weather wise. Today is in the mid 70's, but then it gets a bit cooler each day.

I seem to have caught the Mrs' cold and it has been taking hold all week. Today I will see the doctor and maybe he has some medicine to make it clear up quickly. I hope so.

Now I think I'll have my coffee and tend to my blog. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.