Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am rather done with plumbing and leaking!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I know, I am a day early for Halloween. But as it is not my posting day tomorrow I decided to put the picture on today.(click it to see it better, )
Hope that who ever is celebrating Halloween will have a fantastic day!

Look, I have changed the bloglayout again! I thought it needed a really autumn look for now, so for November it could stay, but then I should change again, because December is coming close and so is Christmas. I like making bloglayouts at time, obvious, cause I cange it rather often LOL!

I almost cannot listen to the words leak, waterdrops, plumber, etc. anymore! still, some progress has been made, oh wonder! Yesterday the plmber came over, to check for the place of the leak. First he was at the neighbours upstairs, then cam over to us. We have now a not too big hole cut out of the ceiling of our wc-/shower room. He had to make that to see if he could reach the place of the leak possibly from that spot. Good news is, I think, he spotted the place in the waterpipes where the leak occurs. Cannot reach it from our place, so the neighbours are not happy, cause most probably a part of the tiled floor of their wc/shower room has to be removed, perhaps even the shower tray.
Now we have to wait for the plumber to come back for the repair. He seems to have a lot of work, so he has to squeeze this job between the others he is working at. Great!!!
Now I only hope the neighbours did make an appoitment with the plumber, we didn;t hear anything from them after the good guy(read plumber) has left. So I wait for today, but if we still didn;t hear something from the nieghbours in the afternoon, I want Jan to call them, so we know something about the plans.I must say the plumberhe is a nice guy, they even cleaned up the mess they made by sawing out part of the ceiling. Still, we are left with still a leak and as extra a view at some pipes and some floor joists.
As you can tell, we are a happy bunch (forget it!!!)

The weather has calmed down seriously after the weekend which is a good thing, Those storms are not my favourite type of weather.
It looks as if today will be the best day of the week, not much wind, expected to stay dry, some sunshine, so it could be that Jan and I will go for a quick trip to the market.
I almost have no chicken filets anymore in the freezer, and we might buy a chunk of cheese.
And if we see some mussels for a decent price, perhaps we buy some.
I love to eat them in the traditional way, just cooked , but ti saw the other day a nice recipe for mussels in the oven, yum,! I might try that for once.

You must be almost fed up with all my talking about waterpipes, leaks, trouble with new leaks etc LOL! Well, let me assure you one thing: I AM TOO!!!!
So I really reallly hope(crossing my fingers after my typing is done) that soon that all will be over and fixed, so that we can re=paint the parts of the walls and ceiling, damaged by the leaks.
And then finally our work will look as it was supposed to be at a much earlier stage.

Today's kit is "So Romantic", soft in color, with two stacked papers. Made you a preview of the kit and the papers. Arlene has made a fantastic pageborder and two cluster s for you!
Have a great day and wonderful Halloween!!!

Download     HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Wow your 2 last kits are so beautiful !!! the colours, the papers, and Arlene's work... this is amazing! Thank you very much !
This little girl singing in Holland's got talent is absolutely incredible, and I'm glad you shared the link.
I kept the best for the end : your new layout is terrific !!! and as usual, I'm impatient to see how it will be in december, LOL !!!
I'm sure you will create a great layout and great kits for Christmas!!
Have a wonderful week and week-end,
Hugs, and a BIG thank you !!

Edna B said...

Kyra, I feel so bad for you about all the mess and problems from the leaky pipes. Landlords should be made to make these repairs as soon as they begin.

I surely hope that all is tended to and fixed really soon. You and Jan have worked so hard to make your place over so nice. It's a shame to see that you have to do part of it over again. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

My windows are in now, but the other workers are not back yet. Today I will have to see if I can find out what is going on and when the work will continue. It's always something.

I like your new background, and your Halloween card. I haven't even started my Halloween card yet. Seems I've been a bit too busy. Maybe today. Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful day today. Hugs, Edna B.

Susanne said...

Dear Kyra,
Thank you so much for this lovely kit. The papers are absolutely gorgeous, as always.
Good luck for your leaks.

aquascrap said...

Sorry to read that you are still having problems with the leaks. Is there any way you can claim on the insurance to cover the cost of the damage done to your place or at least getting the paint.

I would be totally fed up too!

You and Jan have a nice day and a nice trip to the market. Hope your weather stays nice for a bit longer.


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope that all goes well with finally getting that leak fixed and you don't have to wait too much longer for that to happen - so unfair that you have to go through it all...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hi Kyra,
Thanks so much for stopping in and chatting with it when you do! So sorry you have the same problems with plumbers that we do over here...they work at a snail's pace and when you are impatient for things to be finished and repaired...they seem to take even longer. Praying your problem is fixed soon!
Had to see the podiatrist again this morning...all is good, the injection helped to take the inflammation down. Don't have to go back unless it rears its ugly head again!
I've got the back of my car loaded down with boxes and more to put in take them to storage. I am so happy we are finished except for the putting away everything. I am so ready to relax a bit and not have to worry about phone calls, trips to the post office, bank etc. or arguing with insurance companies and/or patients to pay the claims. I think 26 years is long enough!!!
I adore you new look and thank you so very much for this beautiful kit and please let Arlene know I appreciate her freebies as well. Cute Halloween card also!
Well, time to feed my kitties and get up from this computer. Chat again tomorrow or over the weekend if I survive moving all these boxes...but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very pretty.

cathy said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit and Arlene's clusters.