Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Discussions even taken to the United Nations!

Goodmorning everybody!

For the Dutch and Belgians mainly, soon there will be preparations for the folklore holiday Sinterklaas. Although it has become a bit too commercial over the years, it still is a nice holiday for the children, I think.
But, as almost every year, there are discussions about it, mainly about the assistent of Sinterklaas, Black Peter, that the whole thing should be cancelled or drastically changed, because some people feel discriminated by it.
Sorry folks, I think it is an exaggerated response to the character of Black Peter. People say, it is reminding them to slavery and all that.
For one thing, Sinterklaas history is going back many hundreds of years, starting with the man who became bishop in Myra, in Turkey, around the year 342.
Nobody really knows, how Black Peter came part of it, many explinations have been given over the years, but I don't think Black Peter is considered by Sinterklaas as his slave!
Anyhow, at the moment there even is a commission formed in the United Nations to look into the matter, but already the president of this commision made some statements, almost ordering we should cancel the whole holiday!!
I think, this is going much too far, and well, , may be I I can't imagine or empathize enough with the people who are against this children's holiday, but to be really honest I think they are making a lot more of it than it really is.
Don't you think that surely United Nations has much more "real"things to be concerned of and deal with?
I think everybody should relax real quick, hands off of our beautiful children;s holiday, and don;t associate it with slavery or whatever.!

Gosh, do I sound a bit excited and even somwhat angry and irritated ?????????I think I do LOL! But surely, if you read on internet several interpretations about the Sinterklaas holiday, you always can come up woth some pro's or contra's, it's just the way you read them and more important, the way you WANT to read them!

Okay, steam blown off, no more smoke getting out of my ears ROFL, hwat else is there to tell? Not too much, rather quiet days, with lovely weather yesterday, only  a pity there was a too strong wind, but the temps where amazing!
I think even today is going to be lovely, but with the same kind of wind.
Still, let us be happy, the sun is shining, it looks friendly outside, so I think I will go out today for a bit of shopping, groceries mainly, and if time is left(read: if I might looking forward to it, hahahaha), perhaps a bit of ironing, it should be done, but I can cacel that idea very easy, with the thought "tomorrow is another day for it ".

Oh I finidshed knitting the new "blanket : for the bed, I only have to make a photo of it. It turned out to look really nice, and I am happy with the thing.
Time is rushing, much quicker than I thought, so I better finish this post( with the feeling I forgot something to write down, but then, I always can do that the next post, isn;t it?)
Kit today is perhaps a bit different, but I think you can do some nice things with it. I wonder what you think of the kit "Dickens Time"?
Naturally there are some sweet clusters from Arlene to complete this kit.
Have a wonderful day!
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Download   HERE


Anonymous said...

Dear Kyra
I just love your work and your generosity in sharing it is soo generous and kind.
Many thanks, chamau

Anonymous said...

Thanks again as usual! I agree with you- too many people seem to be way to sensitive about so many things!

Edna B said...

Kyra, I have to agree with you. Too many people are making way too much with this holiday thing. I say if you don't like my holiday, just ignore it. Leave it for me to enjoy, and you can enjoy your own holiday. Some folks just aren't happy unless they are making others unhappy.

I'd have commented this morning, but Internet Explorer would not let me. Wayne has fixed the problem and now all is much better. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...