Friday, October 25, 2013

All happy, skating season is starting LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Still struggling with the leak, yeah, I know, it is unbelievable. But we had phonecalls this week again, yesterday somebody came to see about it again, it's a guy, who seems to know something about plumbing, so may be, it really will be done with?

Temperatures are still very nice here, just a pity the wind is a bit too strong, but it isn;t unpleasant to go outside. Think today we will have some rain, but later today it should be dry again.
So I have possibility to do some shopping somewhat later this morning, in dry circumstances.
I didn't do all the shopping earlier this week, so another crusade is necessary, grin!
But, I managed to do some ironing, pffff, not that it took all too long though. Once you get started, it doesn;t take lots of time.

Jan has a new project in mind! Hmmm, I don;t know if I am completely happy with it, but I do have to admit something has to be about the BIG closet we have in the passage to the extension.
The floor there isn;t all too good together, and when you look along the length of the closet you see it is "hanging over"somewhat. I don;t think the upper part will fall easily LOL, but to avoid  any trouble or accidents, Jan wants to split the closet in two.
Upper part should go to the extension, lower part probably can stay where it is.
Hmm, then we first have to make room in the extension and then see if we can lift the upper part of the closet(after we took out all that is inside of course). If we cannot manage that, we have to ask some help, it may be Jan's brother.
Oh my, I get nervouse already when I think of all the mess that will first emerge, I am NOT looking forward to it. But it is another chance to go through a lot of things and get rid of, hoepfully , a lot!
We tend to hold on to things, even if you don;t look at them for years, or don;t use them for years.

I just hope Jan doesn;t want to start this weekend already with it. No, I have to do some things today and want to be ready with all around 5 o'clock this afternoon, because then I want to sit on the couch and watch the start of the speed skating season, yeah!
Oh, we shoudn't forget, that the clock will be set back an hour tomorrow night, back to winter time, so we will have a bit longer daylight in the evening again. Hey, that means one hour more to sleep, not bad at all ROFL.

With Halloween coming up next week, I can offer you another kit for that event. It's namend "Haunting Hour"!!! A bit dark, a bit scary, but also a bit funny LOL.
And you get a really awesome add-on from Arlene! She made you two magnificent quickpages, I really do like them a lot, and one sweet cluster too.
Have a wonderful weekend, do a control and perhaps maintenance on your broomsticks, so no accidents will happen during THE NIGHT OF NIGHTS!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these great downloads.
I hope all works out well for the weekend and also the leak getting fixed...

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Oh my, what a lovely scary kit and QP's you ladies have made here. Halloween is such a fun time of year.

Wow, what a big project you and Jan are going to be doing. Very ambitious indeed. I'm hoping to have a spark of energy today so that I can do a few things here too.

Yesterday, I got the nicest surprise in the mail. Thank you so much my friend. I love the little purse, and of course, I've already tasted the goodie inside it.

I'm off now to post my blog. You have a wonderful day, and enjoy the skating! Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Thank you so much for all your last kits (I like your papers very much !!! and the page border is a great idea). Thanks for Arlene's contributions, because they are always useful too!
Hope they won't cancel the folkore for Sinterklaas, it's a pity...
I remember last year the link you gave us, to learn a little bit more about this tradition in your country !
Thank you for speaking about "winter time" because I forgot it, LOL ! I would love to sleep one hour more...but I'm not sure it will happen!
Well, I'm gonna wish you a great "speed skating season", and a wonderful weekend !

Anonymous said...

Ooooo-Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Whooooo ! Kinda spooky, Great work yourself and Arlene, always so special whatever you create. Love it !! Many thanks for sharing. Hugs. Annette (Australia)