Friday, October 04, 2013

4th of October is pet day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it's world animal day today. Lots of people do something extra for their pet or for animals in general, which is a good thing, but to be honest: we should take care of animals all year around.
Still too much horrible things are done to animals, and I always wonder why.
But it's also a day to spoil your pet a bit extra, and now that gives me a problem LOL.
I think I spoil my cat already about all year round, so what to do for him today?
I think it will be an extra cuddle, and may be a little piece of chicken filet.

We have great hopes now, that the last leaks will seriously be taken care off! We had a visit of the owner of the appartment above us (the guys that came before just are the tennants) yesterday afternoon.
He took a good look at the spots and promised to take care of the problem.
Cross your fingers that may be by start of next week, we will not have to look at cielings and walls anymore to see if waterdrops show up!

Wednesday it was lovely weather and so I went for some food shopping.
Came back home and did another laundry, then made dinner in advance and already the day was almost gone.
Yesterday weather was still nice, although we had much more wind, which made it less comfy to be outside.
Still we had sunshine and temperatures still good, so no real complains here!
Then Jan decided he needed another tin of paint, so we went into town centre to the shope he bought the first one, it's a great store with all kind of things for low prices. Okay, quaility isn't always the very best, but if you are starting to live on your own, for ecample, that are the shops you can buy the first things necessary with a low budget.
We found the tin of paint, I bought myself another pair of socks( long ones to the knees) and then we went into a Cheinese food shop. If I need some dried herbs and spices I usually go there, because they have larger packings and it's much cheaper to buy those than the little jars you can buy in the supermarket.
But unfortunately they didn't have the medium sized ones fo the stuff I wanted, so I will have to go back another time. On the other hand we had a fun 15 minutes or so, walking through that store! You cannot believe your eyes if you look at all the stuff they have there. We bought a package of Chinese noodles with a saucepackage, and also about 6 little packages of noodle soups. Jan couldn;t believe all the different sorts they had there. He sometimes likes to have a bite late in the evening and then makes a little cup of a noodle soup. They taste not bad at all ( I think it is better than the Cup-a-Soup), and cost is a peanut! You already can buy a 1 person noodle soup for 30 eurocent!
Anyway, if Jan wants to spend some time in town, he knows now the place to go, because it's a fun shop to visit LOL

No idea yet with waht activity I will fill my day today, but I am sure something will show up and then suddenly the day will be over before you know!
Let's first put on your freebie, I think it is a good start of the day.
I have a Fall kit for you, in those warm autumn colors, I named it September Morning.
Arlene made you two sweet clusters and a beautiful quickpage!
Next week I think I will start posting some Halloween stuff, I should, because I think I have already 3 different kits for that holiday ROFL!
Have a nice weekend, if you have still some lovely autumn weather you should take advantage of it, because before you know we will be in much colder times!
Take care.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Sounds like you and Jan had a really fun day shopping and browsing. I don't always enjoy shopping when I am alone, but it is always fun when someone goes with me. We have a couple of stores here that are so much fun, you could walk around for a couple of hours and still be happy. One of my favorites is called The Christmas Tree Shop.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and today will be quite comfortable too except for some rain. A good day to run errands. lol. Time for me to post my blog. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Dawn Campbell said...

Thanks so much for sharing your very beautiful kits. I did 2 layouts using September Morning. The link is here if you care to have a look.

NathL said...

hello Kyra :)
thank you and Arlene for those beautifull gifts!
find some gift for you to on my blog, I just made a wallpaper QP form an autumn themed blog train I joined :D
feel free to download on my blog and play with! ;)
have a nice week-end :)

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey, miss me? ROFLMBO!!
Been so very busy this week and next too. Check my blog, you will see. We had 90F yesterday, the high this morning was 74F and is steadily going down, love the cold front, but we did not get any rain so far...I have all my windows and doors open. Just loving it. Well, off here so I can enjoy some of this cool weather. Hugs for a terrific weekend! Oh thanks for all 3 kits from this week, I just picked them up and thanks to Arlene to elevate my foot now for a few...Luv, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...