Friday, September 06, 2013

We just go on and on LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we still are doing some work around here, But the last two days I took it a little bit easy, well, kind of.Wednesday Jan did some "smaller"work, in the extension and I did some shopping and later I found a curtain in my "reserve"that could do well there, but I had to shorten it a bit.
Did that my hand, pffff, (I have no sweing machine), but it went well and yesterday I hanged it up and it fittes well and looks great, yippee!
Yesterday I didn;t do much. I just halepd Jan for a moment to get rid of the bedwash and the matras and bed-bottoms and replace a bit the bed so he could put up the ladder to paint the ceiling.
Then I went into town, with no special purpose, just wanted to get out for a moment, it was gorgeaous weather, so I just went there to look around a bit.
I didn;t stay all too long, I might have wanted to look at some more shops, but my legs told me that it was enough for now LOL. Just came home with a new pair of slippers for Jan, and some other little things, nothing special.
When I came home Jan wasn;t all too happy, the painting of the cieling didn;t go as he thought.
So we have to give that another try, another day.
We cleared away the mess in the room put the bed together again and then just sat down.
It was a really, really warm day, and it stayed warm till late at night.

No idea what we will do today. Weather slwoly is changing, we might have some thunder towards the evening and even some rain, then the next days temperatures will go down, but if there still can be some sunshine, and not too much wind, we can deal with temperatures around 68 F.

Pne of our neighbours has a prune tree and some of the branches are hanging over our fence, so we can pick those, and they taste awesome!
And I should take a picture of the wonderful bloom of the morningglory we grew from some tiny seeds. It finally has "deigned" to give some flowers LOL!They only bloom for one day, which is a real pity, because they are of a beautiful blue color.
Perhaps today ther will be a new one opening up, then I have to be quick to take a photo.

I was late this morning, I just wake up at about 9.30 and that is late for my doing!
So with some blogreading and email reading and now posting time has flown away as mad and it is about time I will get myself into action. I really need to sweep around with the vacuum cleaner and a dustcloth, and I think that will be about all I'll do today.
Yet, as always, plans easily can change around here, hahaha.

I have a nice kit for you, in  may be a bit unsual color palette, but I think it works well. Kit is named "Making Life an Adventure", and some great clusters from Arlene to complete it.
We will have a "busy"evening today, lots to watch on tv, we will have to take some of it on dvd and video, cause some are at the same time. Then also some soccer to watch from our national team, for a place in the upcoming world championships, so we will not be bored.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

The September and October weather is usually some of the nicest all year. Enjoy it while you can. My hubby and I used to go to flea markets on weekends to just mosey around. I enjoyed that a lot, and rather miss it now.

I'm at work and Mrs is waking, so will chat again later. You have a fabulous weekend, Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. The colours look really good together.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend...

carolynf said...

I don't say thank you enough. I really look forward to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see what you have been doing and to see your wonderful kit and clusters. I am a retired school teacher from Ohio in the United States. My ancestors are Pennsylvania Dutch.

HappyScreens said...

Haven't been feeling too well, but I'm caught up on your beautiful kits now. Thank you so much. Just looking at your blog LO makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again!

Susanne said...

Hello Kyra,
Thank you for this absolutely great kit. A big thank you to Arlene, too, for her beautiful clusters.
You think the colour palette may be unusual, but it is just my favorite colour combination. Blue and orange go so well together and the papers are amazing, as always. I think the kit has a bit of a steampunk style, which I also like so much. I'm looking forward to do a layout with this kit.
Wishing you and Jan a nice and relaxing Weekend, although I'm a little bit late with my wishes.