Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Perhaps some interesting days

Goodmorning everybody.

Last two days weren't all too busy around here, which is lovely. I did just some minor things, yesterday food shopping again, it was not too bad weather to do that.
It was a bit grey in the morning, later here and there a sunbeam came through, temps al;right, and dry, so why should we complain?
As you see, I made another blog background and I think it is not bad at all.

Today might be kind of interesting, because on tv there is the life boradcast of the parliament, discussing the new plans of the government, found you a not too bad translation of the event, here it is:

General considerations

Immediately after Budget discuss the group leaders of the political parties in the House of the main features of the Budget and the state budget. This happens during the 'general political considerations. "
Motions The general political considerations are all ministers, state secretaries and MPs present. The Prime Minister spoke on behalf of the government and the political groups to speak on behalf of their parties. They can capture motions objections to the proposals of the government, or ask for modifications.
Important debate The general political considerations constitute an important debate, because it is clear that the government has room to actually carry out his plans and how big is the support for it. The debate usually takes three days. The media pay much attention to it.
Overall financial considerations In the week after the debate of the chairmen of the premier general financial considerations in the House will follow. The financial specialists of the parliamentary parties argue with the Minister and the Minister of Finance on the national budget.
Budget Debates In the following months defend all Ministers and State Secretaries separate their budget in parliament. The Court has until 1 January the time for the treatment of budgets. In special cases, an exception is possible. Naturally come all parts of the policy afterwards regularly addressed in other debates in the Chamber. Many plans from the budgets should be prepared and handled in separate bills. Furthermore, current developments constantly lead to new debates on aspects of government policy.

It isn't all too easy for the prime minister and his ministers to realize all of their plans just as they are, cause the coalition government has no majority in the Senate, and there all the news plans for the budget  are judged and eventually adopted, so probably there has to be done some "bargaining".

So let´s see how much counteract the opposition can give and if it is of any good with changes in hte cut of 6 billion euros govenment wants to realize for next year.
But to be honest we don+t expect too much good coming of it, probably the citizens will pay the bill, it is just the question how much that will be LOL!

Okay, we will see how much fun we will have watching the debat (it sometimes is really kind of funny) and in between I can do perhaps some chores in the house.
I have today a birght kit for you, named Butterfly Autumn ( it is the one I made the bloglayout with)
and Arlene made a beautiful page border as one of her clusters.
Have a fantastic day.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !

Sorry, I didn't have much time to write and to scrap... but I wanted you to know that this layout is my favourite one !! the colours are gorgeous, and your kit and Arlene's clusters are terrific !!!
Many thanks for all your last kits too, because they all are very beautiful.
Hope you and your husband are fine. Have a wonderful week,

Edna B said...

What beautiful colors in your new kit. Very nice indeed. I like your new page background too. It's amazing how the government can say so much in a speech, and yet say very little. There is a lot of waste spending with the government too, and if the waste were cut back, there would probably be no need for the new tax increases. Oh my, if only it were that simple. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

Thank you, it's beautiful! I love your new LO. Hugs!!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads and the background looks nice with all the butterflies...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Afternoon! Miss me? LMBO! I took a few days off the computer to relax my shoulders and neck some. I just about have all the office ready to move to storage at the end of the month! Whew, glad it is coming to an end!
Love the blog background, check out mine that MissBoots created using your kit, I have a beautiful new FALL look.
Thanks for the 2 kits from this week and please convey thanks to Arlene too!
Well, trying to play catch up, but will get off for now and catch a wee nap...(getting old and lazy aren't I?) Chat again with you on Friday! have a great one! Hugs, Mat