Monday, September 16, 2013

I can be so clumsy at times!

Goodmorning everybody!

Not too much work done the past couple of days, speically yesterday not. That day I spent for a huge part at the coputer, and how nice was that! Didn;t happen very often lately.
We finally got back the curtains in the extension, it is looking a lot better now that I shortened them. Okay, I will not receive a prize for it, and we will have to look for perhaps little blinds there, but for the moment it is okay. I even could put back the ironing board on its place, and had a bit of space around the clothes horse, so I did a laundry and it hangs there to dry.
Friday really wasn;t my completely lucky day LOL.
Jan and I were doing some little stuff, like I did a bit of sweing a borfer from another curtain I found in the stock, and it just fitted the window in the living room, only the tooborder needed a few stitches.
So While I was doing that, Jan tried to dismantle and lamp we wanted to skip, but we needed a few parts of it for another lamp.
At a certain point I joined him in that work, as I was ready with the curtain and that was hanging at the window already. Looks wonderful!
Well, I needed a little knife for the dismanteling, so I jumoed off the couch and almost went into the kitchen, but I just had forgotten I had the sewing box still standing on the floor and yes, you can guess what happened???? BANG, I tripped on it and made a little flight, landed on my two hands and a knee. KABAM!!! Most of the weight I had on my left arm, it wasn;t a nice feeling that went through my arm, specially the elbow, I even had to sit down on a chair for a moment, cause I had some dark spots in my eyes.  All was okay in a couple of seconds, I think it also was the shock that made me tremble a bit. That is me, sometimes so clumsy and incautions, acting too quick, and then you have to bear the consequences. Okay, it ended well enough, now I just have a bit of soar muscle in the elbow, which is acting up with some movements, and around the knee I am getting a wonderful bruise, one of the many I have at the moment on my legs ROFL.
But I still could help Jan hanging up the lamp( he needed a bit of light from a flashlight), after a moment of rest. All body parts are still attached and working, hahaha.

Saturday however I didn;t all too much, had to go out for the weekend paper, but returned home quickly, the weather wasn;t so nice anymore. Lots of rain and windy, not my kind of weather.
For a part yesterday looked a bit better, there even was some sunshine, but towards the evening the rain and wind was back again. Today will be about the same I guess, but later this week temperature might go up again a few degrees, although we will still have rather changeable weather.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Teusday of September, which means it will be Prinsjesdag again. The day that our king will read the king's speech, in which he will tell about the plans of the government for the coming year. I do not envie the king for it, he will not bring a happy messsage to the people, and what is sad about it, apart from the plans of the Cabinet, he has no influence on the content of the speech. He is no active part of the government.
So it will be his first "king's speech", and he only can bring us bad news.
Yeah, lot of the content has leaked out already(as it does almost every year) so we have quite a good idea of the message in it. More cuts on practically all fronts, higher taxes, more unemployment, worse pensions, less money for health care and the workers in it, in short, almost all will have the word "less", perhaps in some things it will be "more money"for some things, but it will certainly not be for the people in general.
Still it is a nice event, despite of the message, because we will see the king and his queen, riding in the Golden Coach again. I am already curious about the queen's dress, I think Maxima has a very good taste and wears at times really great creations!

What about a freebie now? I think you deserve that again after the long post.
I have today "The Dark has its Mystries"for you. Shades of dark blues and bit of greys, with some nice elements that brighten up the backgrounds and oh yes, Arlene has done anfantastic job too, with a frame cluster, page cluster and quickpage for you!
Let's see if I can survive today without tripping or getting another bruise ROFL!
Have a spectacular day!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

My goodness Kyra, you certainly have been having a bit of bad luck. First a cold, then a bad fall. I hope that you are alright now. Do take care my friend. As we get a bit older, falls do not heal so quickly any more. The weather here is cloudy and cool. Now I have to get ready to go pick up my daughter and give her a ride to work. Today her car has to go in to the garage for a bit of work. You take it easy today and get lots of rest. Hope your day is pleasant, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Morning! My goodness, you sound like me...jump up and forget then wham! LOL! So sorry you are bruised and sore, but glad nothing is broken. I thank you for this lovely gift and for Arlene's as well.
I had a sinfully LAZY weekend! I got all my housework done, clothes washed, grocery shopping done and then...I just became a couch potato again and read, slept and watched some TV....was so relaxing and I feel so great this morning!
Guess, I better get to doing some work for my boss...things are winding down very quickly, not sure if it will all end this month or next...but still have to get busy. Have a terrific day, chat again on Wednesday! Hugs, Mat

SiskiyouSue said...

Your dark colors are gorgeous, thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
Kyra, I hope your body feels better soon.
I think as we all get older, our brains still think we are young and agile and we sometimes go too fast when we are doing things...

HappyScreens said...

Love the flower colors and Arlene's clusters. Thank you both for sharing your considerable talents.
Most of my falls have been from not paying attention. We all do it, and then feel foolish.
Take care - LOL!