Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sad news about our royal family.

Goodmorning everybody!

Last Monday there was a special news broadcasting on tv, stating that Prince Friso(who had that terrible ski accident about 1 1 /2 year ago) has passed away.
He was laying in a coma all that time, but it seems there were some health issues or complications and he died.
So sad news, he was only 44 years old.
On the other hand, how strange as this may sound too, it is perhaps a good thing. The doctors never really expcted he would awake from his come, and even if he did, they couldn;t say in what state. There was done a serious brain damage because his brain had an oxygen deficiency for quite a long time. 
In a way, the Family already lost their husband/father/son/brother a long time ago, now he is in peace and although all are grieving, of course, their hearts also will be at peace after a while.
All our thoughts and prayers go to the Royal Family in this difficult time.

In the mean time life just continues, strange but true. Oh my, lot of work done yesterday!
The room is looking very messy, cluttered at the moment, specially one part of it where we have put all the things that were hanging or standing a the way of the wall. But I have painte one part of it(about a 5th part of all the square meters to be done LOL), and it is looking great.  
But I was pooped out yesterday evening, gosh, some muscles got an extra excercise, believe me!
Jan helped a lot, we had to put aside some things that were standing in the way, had to take all things down from the wall, and such. 
I will see how much I can get done today, may be I can do the opposite wall today, that would be great. The most tiring things of it all is that climbing up and off the ladder everytime, taking it up and moving it a bit further. It would be a lot more fun if you could be standing just on your feet and the wall was just as high as you (okay a bit more, but then you would only need a little ladder with two steps LOL).
However, now once started, I must continue. Jan has his own painting to do, so at the moment we both are squeaking a bit when moving a limb and or muscle ROFL!

Still lots to do, but in the end all will look wonderful, and yeah, all things get a good clean too, and we even will re-arrange a couple of things, or hang something different on the wall, etc. After all that is done too, we might think we have moved into another house, hahaha.

Okay, no lingering now, to get my body moving again, I think I will need first another coffee, then I will get the paint stuff together again, and do another part. Good thing of it that we still have rather nice weather, although not too high temperatures for this time of year. But good enough to have the doors open a bit, which helps too for the paint to dry a bit quicker.
Kit for today is in soft colors named "Pure Morning", with great clusters and a quickpage from Arlene!

Have a wonderful day!!
Download    HERE

Download     HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, do be careful and take your time. Those walls aren't going anywhere. Your new kit and Arlene's clusters are lovely. I always look forward to the birds and animals in your kits. I'm a nature person. lol. Now I have to do my blog post. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these wonderful downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

good morning, I think you are rubbing off on me...I took everything out of my kitchen, dining area and living room, swept, vacuumed, steam cleaned and quick shined the floors and dusted and oiled down the cabinets....then put it all back. took all day, but got it done. Yesterday, I rested all day to allow muscles and aches and pains to go away! ROFL 2! It's heck to get old and out of shape....LOL!
Don't overdo and I agree with Edna B, the wall is going no where so take your time. You will be so pleased when you are finished. I will attempt my bedroom, the hallway and both bathrooms this weekend, then that will leave, just my office area. I can't wait to get to it, but will be next month I am sure!
Sorry, about your prince, but you are right, he left them when the accident occurred. My prayers for all of you, however!
Thanks so much for the lovely kit and for Arlene's contributions too! I am going to take today off as well and I think I may be doing some scrapping later today!
Hugs, for you and Jan, have a great day! Chat again next time. Mat :)

HappyScreens said...

You have both truly outdone yourselves this time. These are fantastically lovely! Thank you again!