Monday, August 12, 2013

New paint is waiting to be used.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally we did go to the DIY, it was on Saturday.
We went to one that is near to our house, we can walk to it. And so we did, and I did take my shopping car with me, in case we did found the wall paint. We needed a BIG can, and  that would be too heavey to carrie.
Sometimes it is fun to look around in a DIY store, and so dangerous too!
I mean, there are always things that look so nice, and you could use and You really have to be strong to just buy the things you came for. Don't know what it is, but I like to look at all the tools they have. There is such a variety and a tool for everything! And I get very greedy, looking at them. Always see a better little saw, or screwdriver, or whatever, that I would love to have(even if we really will not use it, or at the least not much). Perhaps it has to do with the fact, my father had loads of  tools(he used them a lot, he loved to work with them) and then I also worked for many years in the metal branche where we also had a department for DIY.
So we did spent quite some time in the big DIY market,  but in the end we left with just a big bucket of wallpaint, just in white and we bought a  tube with color paint, that we can mix with it to get a nice color. Also another paintroller, and nice thing was, that they just had an action goin on that weekend, where you could print out at home a coupon with 5 euro reduction, if you spent a certain amount of money. Well, we just reached that amount so we could use one coupon.

I also looked in the DIY if they had perhaps a nice little spot for not too much money(they have enough stuff, but almost all is of a brand and you always pay for that too), saw one or two, but we didn;t buy it. We could do with a new light in the hallway, and in the passage to our expansion room, but Jan wanted to wiat and said we might find one in another shop.
As we walked home, finally, I thught I might check in a kind of dollar shop, nearby.
You cannot be sure if at the moment you want something, they will have it, it is more the kind of store, you just have to pop into, every few weeks, and if you see something you could use or were looking for then have to take it with you.I it is more a second hand store, but with things htat are still looking great, some of it looks almost new).
Well, Jan already walked home and I went into the shop. And wheeee, I was so lucky!
I found two pair of spots, just ones that would do well in the ahall, so I bought them right away( imagine, they just costed € 3,50 each!
Came home with them, and Jan already hang one of them and oh my God, we have a sea of light now in the hallway. I am so happy with it!
I have some photos for you. Wanted to show you the difference a bit of paint can make LOL!
First one is of the woodwork in old color, (which looks much worse, because phot is taken just after the thourough cleaning work) second one  after Jan had painted it. (the hallways is almost done now, lots of doors that we have there).

And here the spots I found.
And one photo of a gorgeous hydrangea, that is growing in a pot, but perhaps next year we will have to put it in the soil.
Second photo is of a poppy we grew out of seed, isn;t it a sweetie?

well, time to slowly get busy around here. Have to prepare some spots in the room and such for painting(taping edges, so that wall paint will not come on the painted doors and such). It is a bit of work, but it pays of in the end.
Then may be tomorrow I will start with painting already part of the wall in the room. Bad things is, that we have to move some furniture away, not so terrible if it would be just the couch, but we also have some big closets. Well, good opportunity to take all things out, look  through them, get rid of some things, clean it etc. Oh my God, we will have an almost new house in a couple of weeks.

So nopw your freebie, it's a soft coloured kit, ( hey Matt, guess you will like some of the papers!!!!). and some lovely clusters from Arlene. It is named"Don;t say a Word".
Have a terrific day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these beautiful downloads.
Kyra, I hope your painting goes well...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra :)

I came by last night to catch up on reading your posts but by the time I finally caught up...I didn't have time to leave a comment! LOL
Your home must be looking SO NICE by now.All that fresh paint and repairs that have been made. I am so happy for you and Jan. :) We are still in the process of trying to get our list completed. So much to little time!
What a great deal you got on your spot lights! I bet you were thrilled!!:)
Thanks so much for all the beautiful designs you share! I will have to come back to collect your new ones.:) Mama made plans for me today!:)

Huge hugs!
Valinda20 elaasa

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
WOW your house will look terrific !!! I'm very glad for you !
Thank you for sharing all your pictures, your flowers are always beautiful.
Thanks again for all your gorgeous kits, because you are very buzy with painting your house, and you still take the time to create new kits and offer them (sorry for the mistakes today, but I have not slept a lot... it's still very hot here).
And I don't want to forget Arlene too : thank you very much for your nice clusters and QP !
Have a nice week,

Edna B said...

Oh my, what pretty kitty papers! Your new kit is lovely and Arlene's clusters are beautiful. You ladies are a fabulous team. Kyra, your paint job is looking really nice. You're right, pretty soon your whole house will be new again. What a nice feeling. As for your flowers, they are beautiful and I am jealous. None of my poppies from seed grew. Boo hoo. Your poppy is just gorgeous. Now I'm off to play with Pogo. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

These are so pretty. Thank you!
You must be very pleased with your fresh new-looking home. The woodwork looks totally different. I admire your energy and determination.

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Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hi Kyra,
Have had two rather busy days, but am taking a breather now. Wanted to say Thank You for the gorgeous kit and u bet I love the papers....LOL! Thanks to Arlene too for her share!
Doesn't it feel good to make your home all "new" again? I even rearrange the furniture when I can just so it feels different. LOL!
Beautiful flowers, mine have all died but the succulents, they could not take the 10 straight days of 100+ temps even with the watering. O well, I had pretty plants for a while~ :)
Have a great day, hope to be earlier tomorrow! ROFL!!