Monday, July 01, 2013

I've been a bit creative

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a bit  of nicer weather. At times there is still just a bit too much wind, but there is sunshine and better temperatures.
Friday however the day started somewhat "drizzly", but Jan and I decided to go to the market and of course we were the unlucky ones to catch a rainshower. Still it was just a short one and we could shelter for it, and after that weather suddenly improved.
We had a nice walk around and came back with lots of fruit and some cheese.
Especially Saturday I had a very unproductive day, LOL, I didn't do anything, only a whee bit of gardening. Also made you a few photos.
As we had "veteran-day"on Satuday, I just was in the garden with my camera as some helicopters and airplanes flew over for the parade. I even managed to make one not too bad picture of the fighter-planes .
Here a photo of our new rose, the groundcovering one, isn;t it a gorgeous color?

Here a shot of one of our white roses, it's funny, when they have their buds you think it will be a very pale pink one, but once blooming it is completely white.

You can see our strawberries( we have 3 plants, this is just one) are starting to color.
And I couldn;t resist taking another shot of our climbing rose.
And this is the way our Brodski is spending most of his time, sleeping, and often even in a garden chair too.
But I even did some things at the computer, I started a new kit, didn;t had much progress, then I read, as every day, Edna's blog and saw her gorgeous close-ups from her sion in law Eddie and her grandson Kevin, installing her stormdoor. Couldn;t resist making layouts of them. It was fund to make a couple of layouts again. If you want to see the result, just head over to Edna's blog, and look in her post of the pst couple of days.

Yesterday I was a bit more productive, also spend some time in the kitchen preparing our dinnerr in advance, so I just had to warm it in the oven. Remember that Jan came back one day from the market with some aubergines? Had to do something with them, I found a recipee and oh whee, it really was a good one, it tasted so yummie! LOL. I gave it a little switch in ingredients I used, it happens that you don;t have always all things that are written in the recipee and it is madness to always buy all the stuff, you often can do with things you already have in stock.
I will give you the link to the recipee page, you only have to let Google translate it, sorry!
I made it just for two persons, so took about half of everything, except for the aubergine, I used two. And instead of the bit of white wine I made  some broth, and used also some leaves of basil  and made the bechamel sauce myself. I think it looks a bit like a Moussaka.

After this lazy weekend it is time to do some work around here again. For dirst there is a laundry waiting to be done, plus some ironing. Depending on how long it takes, there might be some time to do a bit more. But.... I have it easy for dinner today, there is left enough from our aubegine-plate, so we will finish that today. And may be I will try out this week another recipee with aubergine I found, that is a kind of stew, with chicken breast filet and lots more.
Time for the freebie today.
I havea rather "happy"looking kit for you, although the colours are at first looking somewhat darker.
It is named "Ciao Bella". And take a look at Arlene's add-on! She made something wonderful with it, 
You will have 1 cluster, one frame, one set of pageborders and she even made you a whole quickpage with those too!
Hopefully you all will have a good start of the week(I just realized that we are already in the month of JULY!!!) . Take care.

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

I love your new background. It's so happy and cheerful. Kyra, I just love my layouts. My girls say thank you too.

That recipe sounds yummy. I've sent it on to Audrey. She loves trying new recipes. The new kit is beautiful. I love the colors. My favorites with a dab of blue. Arlene's pieces are wonderful. You ladies make a fabulous team.

We're still in the middle of our monsoon season. Funny, we never used to have a monsoon season, but now we do. Although I must say that usually most of the rainy days have pretty nice afternoons. So I can't really complain.

Now I'm off to play a bit with Pogo and then post my blog. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow how pretty and bright and sunny and so cheerful looking your background page is! Love it. Thanks for the lovely kit (yellow is my favorite color) and the beautiful offerings from Arlene!
Glad you had a great weekend! Love the photos your roses are gorgeous and like the planes too, but Brodski is my favorite photo! He looks so comfy!
Have a terrific week and I'll chat with you again on Wednesday! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene, for these beautiful downloads, you have both done such lovely work.
Kyra your plants look very pretty and your new background is very nice too...

Crystalnva said...

Luv it THANK YOU :~}