Monday, July 15, 2013

Continuing our planned work!

Goodmorning everybody!

Lovely weekend, with also some work done, although we took some more realx time.
Friday we first bought us, finally, a piece of vinyl for the kitchen floor. For years we just had the wooden floor, which didn;t look to great, but somehow it never came to it, to put something on it. But now it is going to happen yeah!!!
However, first the woodwork in the kitchen has to be painted. Will be the project for next week.
After we came home with the vinyl, Jan and me first took out the door of the little shed, because we wanted to try to make it fit well again.
Sounds like a rather small job, but it took us more time than thought.
That because we also had to take out some big tiles and lay them back again, only a bit lower, then Jan took off a bit of hte door with a wood planer, which helped somewhat, but still the door cannot be closed by the key. Oh well, it never did, LOL, so we can live with that.
Sometimes it is a pity we don;t have all the necessary tools for a job, still if we are in a real need of some, we always can ask a friend, of course.
So we had to think of something that kept the door closed, first we tried with a hook, but that didn;t work, then I found the thing.  little chain, with at the end a clip like this
And for now it works, so hoorray for me!

What did we do on Saturday? Not too much, Jan took a day "off"and I made a start of the woodcleaning it the kitchen. Pity that on some small parts also the paint came off, so I;ll first will have to do some repairs on it with some putty. While that will be drying, I might continue the cleaning for a part.
Yesterday I didn;t do anything! But Jan painted some shelves where we have a row of big pots standing on. The shelves are drying now, so the terras is a little mess at the moment, with all the pots standing around.
But I think all can be placed back on it;s place today.
So with some work done every day, or more but than every other day, we will complete it all some day.
Glad that we have real nice weather, that makes it easier to do some work, at the least I can say it works for me that way. Therefore I hope that the good weather will stay on for some more weeks, the more the better!

With all this work going on, you can probably understand that there isn't all too much time for designing.But every now and then I do some papers and/or elements, and yesterday I just finished a new kit. That one, however will not be the freebie for today.
 I have one very romantic looking one for you, titled "Whisper my Name".
Arlene made you two wonderful clusters and a delicious page border!
Okay, I can do still a bit of bloghopping and even some designing before I will take another coffee in the morning sun and then it's working time!
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Dwonload    HERE


Mats World said...

Hi Kyra, So glad you are finding stuff to finish your home projects. We all have to do these things occasionally to keep our homes looking nice. I need to hire someone to come and repaint my woodwork. I cannot do it as I cannot get on my knees to do anything. I can sit on my bum and scoot, but that would take me forever....LOL! With my knee replacement, cannot bear any weight on it. 3 years ago I repainted all the walls, but never did get the baseboards done, they really need it. LOL!
Glad you got some rest as well, I did too...totally LAZY all day on Sunday. We had a slow soaking rain all day, just perfect for catching up on some programs I taped while gone....LOL....and of course my NASCAR races....slept some and did not even get out of my night gown. Feel most rested today and ready to resume my schedule! Got work to do for my paycheck today!
Thanks so very much for the lovely kit and for Arlene's as well. I did another Sunny QP from you Ciao Bella kit for Miriam's Scraps. Thanks again for allowing me to use your kits! Hugs for a terrific week for you and Jan! Mat :)

Susanne said...

Thank you very much for this lovely kit.

Edna B said...

Oh what a pretty kit, and Arlene's page is beautiful. Nice work ladies. You complement each other so well.

I hope the weather stays nice for you so that you can finish all your projects. It's going to look so nice when you are done. Just make sure to take breaks often so that you do not overdo yourself.

Now I'm off to get started on more of my own work here. It goes slowly, but I'll there eventually. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Suzi Wollman said...

Kyra, I can't find the password to download your lovlies!

dencla said...

Thanks for this pretty kit!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. You have certainly been very busy...

Lips Speak said...

Thank you so much for your generosity! I was directed here from