Friday, June 14, 2013

Gosh, why do we have to cope with not working administrations?

Goodmorning everybody!

Just read my friend Edna's blogpost, and she mentioned the famous "Murphy's Law"! When something CAN go wrong, it DOES, and one thing after another, and well we know all about it.
Do you rememeber a little about the health insurance troubles with Jan? Last information was, that the insurance would pay a bit lopnger till the 25th of June at the least, then Jan will have an appointment with the health insurance doctor, to see about his health and possibility of going to work again.
But then came yesterday. Another letter, in which the health insturance wrote that they wrongly payed us last week money, and that we should pay it back. How is that possible? While the last guy told us, he would extend the payment.
Okay, Jan took the phone right away and called the department where they handle the payments. He explained the whole situation( glad we worte down all the named he talked to lately!). The lady at the phone at least understood the problem, that we couldn;t do without any money, but said that the last guy had in fact no right to decide what he did. Oh glory, how wonderful!
The lady said we would be called back somewhere the next day before 14.00 p.m.
Oh surprise, we were called back within 30 minutes already! ANOTHER LADY.
She understood the problem, Jan explained again what all the agreements were, and now the lady said, that the repayment we were ordered to, wouldn;t be effected, and the payment of the health insurance money would be continued at the least till he had the appointment at the 25th of June.
She also advised him, not to work(if there was any) for the agency till then, to avoid any other problems, not to call with any of the other guys he had contact with, just to stay put !
Pfffffffffffffff, that was a relief and I must say the lady(we wrote down her name too, to be sure!) was very understanding and nice.
But what a mess it is between the departments of the health insurance, they ALL can look into the file of Jan, but perhaps some of the guys didn;t write all down that was agreed or what?????? Anyway, it was solved rather quick, we can be at ease for the time being.
Only thing was, that I just mailed yesterday morning to the agency, to ask if there was a possible shift for Jan in the weekend, and now I had to call them, to cancel his availability schedule again, explained the whole to the girl that is handling Jan;'s account, and more or less she understood all the thing. So now he is written down again as being "siock"till he gets the verdict on the 25th, and Jan will visit them after the appointment with the health insurance doctor.

That's quite a story, isn'it? LOL.

So did we do any "normal"things these days? Yes, we did. I went out on Wednesday for some food shopping, it was really nice weather I must say, came home, unpacked, turned on the washing machine, and started already with preparing the dinner, partly.
This done, I went into the garden, and pruned a lot of the ivy and some of the bushes needed a trim too. That all done, I sat down at the computer, to continue on a kit, and then Jan came home.
Yesterday the weather had changed a bit, there was a lot of wind, even some rain, although temperature wasn't bad, the wind made it feel a bit colder.
But, apart from the phonecalls we had to make, LOL, I even got some things done again in the house, like changng the bedsheets. And I uodated my garden archive ledger files with some new articles I cut out of the pile of garden magazines. Still have to do hte one with all wonderful examples of little gardens people made, looking at the pictures and reading their stories really gives you new inspiration! Now I will have to collect new garden magazines again, ROFL, but I will be a good girl and will not buy them too much(they aren;t the cheapest to buy, you know!). But may be I will find some for a lower price in a second hand book shop or perhaps at some fairs that will take place every now and then.
And Jan polished all the cupboards in the room with an oil we have specially for that kind of wood. Wow, they are shining and looking great again!

Today it is windy again, but sun is shining, so it is possible Jan and I will go to the market, if weather conditions stay as they are at the moment.

And now it is freebie time, yeah!
Mother's day is long gone, but perhaps you still have some photos on your harddisk that you want to make a layout with? If not, this kit also can serve for many other layouts, don;t worry! The name of the kit is "Mother Dear". In soft yellow and lilac, how great is that? I even made you a stacked paper in it. And then you also have some sweet clusters from Arlene, enough stuff to make some great layouts.
Hopefully we will not recieve any more disturbing letters this weekend, we had enough of them for now!!
You have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back on Monday.
Download    HERE
Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Don't you just LOVE all the red tape and the fact the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing?
Hope that all gets straight for you! If you weren't sick, that would be enough to make you sick! LOL!! We have the same troubles over here, I am dealing with disability saying that they over paid me now...yes...after 3 years (now I am on full retirement) they have decided they need some money back...go figure!
Weather here is HOT and Windy! WAY TOO WARM FOR ME! 101F yesterday and the humidity or heat index (feels like) 108F. To be a repeat today! I had a Dr. check up yesterday and the heat just zapped all my glad the AC in my auto works and in my home too! LOL!
Well, got some chores to do, the washer has stopped, gotta put in dryer and run the vacuum so wishing you and Jan a great weekend and will chat with you again on Monday!
Thanks so much for the lovely kit and thank Arlene too! Lovely color scheme! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I guess you've definitely had enough of the "Murphy's Law" days!! I hope the insurance finally gets everything straightened out for Jan.

We've had a lot of rain lately, but the sun just came out for a little bit, then went back in. Oh well, it was nice for a bit.

I'm at work, so gotta get busy. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
Thank you for changing the shoutbox, because now we don't have all these ads anymore...! (and I'll be able to read everything now, LOL!).
Thank you so much for your beautiful kits, the papers are just gorgeous !! and thanks to Arlene too!
Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Dawn Campbell said...

Thank you for sharing that lovely kit! And I absolutely LOVE your blog page with all those adorable elements!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

HappyScreens said...

We've just had 2 lovely days...not too hot, not too cold, and no rain...wonderful! Now if I had just had more time to be outside, it would have been perfect. Well, we never get all of our wishes, but that makes the ones that we do get more precious. I hope you, Jan and Arlene get the most important of your wishes.
THANK YOU both for sharing your beautiful work.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads, Kyra & Arlene.
I've just been through all the entries I missed while I was away. You have both done some beautiful work.
My version of Murphy's Law is that if it can go wrong it will and if it hasn't gone wrong yet, give it time.
Hopefully it won't take too long to sort out Jan's health insurance payments and work schedules.
Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend...