Monday, June 03, 2013

Catched a little cold.

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope you all had a real nice weekend?
Mine wasn't too bad either, although I catched a little cold now. Not too bad, I think it will pass soon enough, but it is no wonder it happened with all that fast changing weather here!
I went to the market on Saturday, but just that day we had a little fall back in weather conditions. It stayed dry, but it was rather unpleasant, with a wnd that felt cold.
I guess I catched the cold then.
Oh I was such a strong girl at the market LOL! On Fridays and Saturdays there is always a big stand with all kind of plants and bulbs, and there were such beauties they had! Specially a couple of roses, some ramblers but also bushes. But.... I didn;t buy any. Perhaps it was a good thing the weather wasn;t as good, that also plays a role if you buy plants for the garden or not, yes, that really is true!
Yesterday it was better, we even did sit some time in the garden, and the sun felt so good.
Now this week their might be some hope concerning the weather. If we can believe the forcast temperature will rise during this week till at the end to around 70 F. And with sunshine. Cannot wait to live it!

Jan went to the agency to announce he wil be available for work again from tomorrow. It seems there is work enough so hopefully he will have a niceschedule.
Now just hoping he can hold on and that he won;t have a fall back( specially with his back).
Just had another nice mail this weekend, I also receive back some money from the tax office.
Well, that is coming at a very good time.
Oh, we have a new hose for the garden( what a striking news LOL). But it was necessary, because the old one still worked not too bad, only the fittings (some of them) were at the end and the diameter of the old hose isn;t standard, so hard to find new fittings.
But we also wanted a bit longer hose, and finally Jan found one, with fittings, of 20 meters long, for a very nice price. I tried it out yesterday and oh, it's marvellous I have enough length now, to easy reach the end of the garden.

This afternoon I will have to go to hospital, for the annual check up with my neurologist, for the epilepsie. No big deal, but it has to be done. Hopefully I will not have to wait too long and will all her appointments go right on time!

My climbing rose is really going to bloom now, I will try to get a photo on Wednesday's post. And if the weather really will be as nice as they predict, I suppose that in a few days their will be lots of buds opened. That should be a fantastic view!

Today I have a kit for you in warm colors, I've made it in a two part download, for easy handling. Also made a preview just from the papers, so you get a better idea of the kit, Arlene made again some lovely clusters. This weekend she did sent me a bunch of new ones, and she always manages to amaze me! Oh, we have some beauties for you in store!!
Name of the kit is "Found in the Attick".
Have a lovely day, stay out of trouble LOL!

Download   part  one  HERE
                   part two  HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful kits. You have much talent and are so very kind to share them. I'm new to all this and they are beautiful and fun to work with. I hope that you feel better soon and that you both are blessed with much health and happiness. God bless you. Abi

Edna B said...

Do be careful about your cold, Kyra. This time of year is not a good time to be catching a cold.

I can't wait to see photos of your roses. Mine are all starting to bloom now too. There's nothing quite so pretty as a garden full of roses.

Good luck to Jan with his work. I hope your doctor appointment works out well. You have a wonderful day my friend and take care. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh this kit looks marvelous. Thanks so very much and yes, please thank Arlene too!
Sorry you caught a cold, hope it is over very soon...lots of rest and liquid intake!
Glad Jan feels up to going back to work, but I too, hope he doesn't over do and have a set back.
Glad too that your weather is looking up. Those dreaded severe storms and tornadoes that hit Oklahoma again this past weekend did not make it this far as they had predicted for Friday, so very glad they just went over us (because of our excessive heat they say)! We have our first orange level ozone alert today already!
Well, off here to get some things accomplished. Have a fabulous day! Hugs, Mat

Denise Temple said...

So generous - thank you

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Oooh, I like what you found in the Attic!!! Thanks so much to you and Arlene. Super nice kit. Blessings!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for all these lovely pieces...