Friday, May 31, 2013

Some good, some bad news.

Gopodmorning everyody!

Although temperature could be a lot better, still we cannot complain all too much, because it rains a bit, most of the time in the evening or night, so at daytime you can be outside without getting wet, and if the sun is peeping through the many clouds, it even feels rather nice. All could be better, of course, we didn;t had much of a Spring, so let's hoppe for a good summer.

Yesterday in the mailbox we had some good and some bad news.
One was a letter of the health insurance, that the allowance Jan received had been stopped, because he had an agreement with their doctor that he could be at work again from the 27th of May.
But that isn;t completely the way it was agreed with the doctor. That man had a few weeks ago a conversation with Jan and according to that the doctor wrote in his report that it might be possible that Jan started to work again by the 27th. But he also told him, that if jan though it wasn;t yet possible, he should call him about a week before the 27th and telling him about the progress and eventual re-start of work. So Jan did and told this guy, that he was doing his best and may be he needed another 3 weeks and then would try go back working again. Doctor understood and said to Jan that it might be possble he would get a call by letter to appear at the office for another health check and / or conversation. I thought that was okay, and understandable, but now they just assumed he was ready to go to work at the date of the 27th and from that day Jan wouldn;t receive any more insurance money. And we do need it, of course, bills have to be payed.
Well, Jan will make a phonecall to the doctor he had the last appointment with to know why this letter is sent to him, although he had a different agreement with him. It might be, that different departments of the health insurance are working  at cross purposes(which unfortunately happens more often than you think). Hopefully there will be found a solution, If not, Jan will have to go by the agency today too, to say he will be back for work as from Monday. I hope it will not be too soon, but from somewhere money has to come in. And even if we would ask for temporary support of the social services ( you can have also a partly support if you cannot work enough for a decent income) that would probably take some weeks to get through.
We'll just have to see how his back will hold and his whole comdition, he is much better but I am not at all sure it is as good as he says.

We also had a nice letter in the mailbox, from the tax office. Jan is recieving some money back, and it comes just in the good time( with all that helath insurance thingy), Now we hope I too will receive some money fro the tax office( according to our accountant I should). If that's so, we have a bit back up money.
Okay, we will see how all things go, somehow we will survive it, and may be life will smile at us again in the second half of this year LOL.

Did you see perhaps the layout I made for my friend Edna? It is the phot of Pogo ( her doggy) and Joe ( the doggy sitter when Edna is at work). I thought it was such a nice photo it deserved a layout so I;ve made one for her to chear her up.
I told Edna, that it is a good thing she shows so many great photos on her blog, so sometimes I can snitch one and practice a bit in making layouts. I do that not often enough and really, I loose a bit the creativity and skill for that. Anyway, thanks to Edna, I can have some fun making layouts for her LOL.

On to the freebie for today, and I'll throw in another Nutshell kit, named "Serenata d'Amore".
with clusters from Arlene, you can make a striking layout, I hope.
If this weekend the sun will pop out from time to time I may have a picture soon of a first rose bloom of my climbing rose. Some of the buds are close to open.
Now have a wonderful weekend.

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Download     HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning, thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I appreciate them. Sorry to hear of the mix up with Jan and I do hope he is not going back to full duty just yet! I do make mini booklets in ABC form for the babies, just finishing up on Jayson's. In time will have the next 3 to do....LOL....never ending circle huh? So nice to be able to do it! I finished Jade's first, then did one for Hayden and one for Ruby a while back. Love making them and giving to my sisters for presents.
Thanks for today's Nutshell and send my thanks over to Arlene too! Have a beautiful weekend ahead!
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Gosh, Kyra, I hope all works out for you and Jan. It seems life always gives us something to keep us worried. Here's hoping the rest of the year will be stress free.

Joe absolutely loved the layout. It put a huge smile on his face.

Today's kit is just beautiful. I love the colors. You definitely have a wonderful talent my friend.

Now it's time to find some lunch for Pogo. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Karen Lewis said...

Lovely kit - thank you. :-)

HappyScreens said...

Thank you both - again! I hope Jan does OK and that the insurance comes through for him. Good luck to you both!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...