Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Autumn is back, grrrrrr!

Goodmorning everybody!

It is really unbelievable, but it is almost autumn weather. We had a lot of rain, and real cold temperatures, about 9 degrees lower than it should be this time of year.
Jan went out the other day to look if he could find some mini diving equipment for the seedlings and other plants, but there weren;t any to find! Such a shme, I would have loved to see them all with the diving mask on and then take a picture LOL.
Not too much happened the past days, well, it was not the weather for it, we stayed in a lot, I did some things in the house, and yes, it looks as if Brodski is on the mend.
He is eating better again, even goes out for a moment, and yesterday evening he came sitting on the couch again. He isn;t sneezing a lot anymore, so I have good hopes.
I will try to put on some more pictures I took of the garden, the one lovely spring day we had on Sunday.

No, still impossible via the Picasa, so i will do it via Tiny Pic.

Here the right side of the path.
Above you see some seedlings of herbs, slowly they are popping up, the front two should become poppies.

This one I took from the back of the garden, looking a bit direction terras.

And here a close up from a gerbera we bought lately, couldn;t resist it, just a lovely color!

And this is a Lewesia, you can find them in all sorts of sweet cany colors, they should be perennials, well, I hope they will survive this winter. We planted them around the little rock garden( we have three different colored ones)
Hopefully you can feel a bit better, despite of all the strange weather circumstances. Like the tornado's that are sweeping over the US at the moment. Then we here must not complain, those poor folks have to endure a lot, and sadness too with all the casualties.

To end on the bright side, I want to show you a quickpage Linda made from a kit of mine. You can download the freebie on her blog. This lady is a real artists, don;t you think?
Now the freebie for today. That will be a Nutshell kit again, named it Il Passato ( the Past).
Have a great day.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you again for such beautiful work that you do and then to give it away so freely is so very generous! I thank Arlene as well her her lovely contribution.
the weather has really been horrible this year, way too much destruction and such a tragedy at the loss of life, especially when children are involved. We got 70 mph winds and lots of rain with downed power lines and broken trees, but nothing compared to the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma! Our hearts ache and we are so busy gathering necessities for those affected not only here in our home state, but those in Oklahoma too!
We are too blessed to not assist those in desperate need! Have a terrific day, chat more later. Much love! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters.
The garden looks lovely with all the pretty plants, Thank you for sharing the photos with us...

HappyScreens said...

Sorry about the weather; it seems to be so unsettled almost everywhere. Thank you for another lovely kit and clusters!