Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's happening in the world????

Goodmorning everybody!

The last two days were rather quiet, although I got several things done in the house, and I am happy about that.
We got a visit from the gas company, two men came to see our connection to the gas supply, because there will be a chenge to it. All connections seem to be re-newed, so theyhave to see how they can reach the pipes under the floor.
We have possibility of a little hatch to go under the floor, so hopefully it will be enough for them to do their work. First a part of the street will be broken up and Friday they will come to make the new connections.
I am not too happy about it, it always comes with some mess, but hopefully they will be done in a couple hours!! We will have no gas in that time, so that is no heating, warm water etc.

I was really shocked this morning, doing the usual teletext reading while drinking my morning coffee.
Another shooting took place in the US, or even two, one being an accident. A boy took with him a gun he wanted to show to his playmate, it was loaded and it went off. It hit the friend in the head and he died. I think they were still at elementary school. How is it possible that children can get to the gun of their parents????
The other incident was "heavier", several people got wounded by shots, a couple of them are in real danger.
What is happening to this world? Having guns at home for protection, well, I can understand that in some circumstances. But at least make sure you have them at a safe place, that the children cannot reach. And then there are adults of several age, that suddenly take a weapon, go to a school, shopping centre or just a street and blindly start shooting, because they have a difficult time in their life, or they are mad at the government or city council, or have a dispute with a teacher or whatever.
Throw a brick through the window of the city council, or go there and protest, everybody can understand that. But what's the use of blindly shoot children, teachers, people who are trying to make a living?
No, I cannot and never will understand this.

What about a simple thing? LOL. Weather here is slowly chainging. Temperatures are getting into the 50 F at daytime, we have some rain now, but it is getting a little bit better. Let's hope it is the start of a long and nice summer, but there still is  a long way to go.

Today I have another "Nutshell kit" for you. I like making them, and I hope you will enjoy this second one, named "Dolcezza" ( that means "sweetness").
When I have finished this post, I still have a bit of time playing at PSE, then I have to make a couple of copies I received from the tax office(nothing disturbing), but I should send them to the accountant.
No real plans for the rest of the day, oh that's okay. There is always popping up something that needs attention.ROFL.
Okay, you all have a great day, see you again on  Friday!

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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Both of you for the lovelies!
We are having winter trying to come back and rear his ugly head. Front went through during the night dropping temps by 30-35 degrees. And it is raining too with some 20+ mph winds making it feel really chilly today! But, it will be gone by Friday! LOL!
Have a great day, chat again on Friday! Many Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I agree, the news is just not very good these days. Maybe if the news media did not make such a big deal out of each tragedy, it might not be so much fun to cause the tragedies. Who knows?

We've been enjoying some nice weather, but tomorrow the cooler temps will be back for a while. Some folks in the central part of our country are coping with severe snow storms. My goodness, when does Winter end?

My new dryer has just been delivered, so gotta go. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Very sad world we live in now a days.
On a cheerier note, thanks hun for all your beautiful work. Always nice to read your stories also.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Love reading your day to day life, so nice to put your heart out there !!! Many thanks as always sharing your beautiful work... Dolcezza has a femine touch of beauty .. Hope you are well..Hugs Annette (Australia)