Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another shock to the world

Goodmorning everybody!

Can anybody explain to me what is happening to the world??? Now there was a bomb attack in Boston, and lots of people injured, from light to heavy, and 3 deaths already! What is the use of it?
A wonderful event, the marathon took place, lots of people enjoying it, and then this!
All my sympathy goes to people involved in it, and I surely hope the investigators will find the on or ones responsible for it.

What has happened here? Well, Monday the carpenter came early, he made the little hatch in the store room, but he also made one in our living room. It was no problem, once we asked. Oh so wonderful He had all the equipment for it and it was done real quick. It gave us opportunity to take a look under the floor and as far as we could see, there was no leak either of the central heating pipes. So why it lost its water, I don;t know. It looks as if there is something not working well in the kettle itself, you should think.Anyway, for the moment, the water level is still holding, although going down, but very slowly. It's at least an improvement, but of course we will have to call for a specialist to take a look at it. But if it's holding as it is till now, we can wait a little bit, financially it will nice.
We are expexting some money back from the tax office, when it's there, we might be able to call for a specialist.
After the carpenter left, Jan and I started to first clear the room of all the sawing dust. Oh my, it was quite a mess, but the vacuum cleaner did its job. Still this fine dust is tumbling down on the furniture, so today or tomorrow the room needs another serious cleaning.
After that we re-arranged for a great deal the stock room. We had to take out a lot of stuff because the gaspipe workers needed some space to work, but it was a good opportunity to take a good luck at all the stuff we had and throw away some of it. Well, so we did! I think we have now 3 big garbage bags filled.
Now we have a partly new arranged stockroom, oh it looks so nice!

Jan also did again a bit of work in the garden, clearing the borders of unnecessary stuff, like weeds, we even have a couple of spots where we can put in the seedlings or other new plants. He has still other plans of re-arranging a bit the garden, I try not to be too protective and let him do. However warning once in a while to take it a bit easy, because of his back trouble.
And I am sometimes worried he takes out too much green, which are supposed to grow again in summer and becoming a nice plant. LOL!.
Oh my, so funny. Yesterday Jan went out for a little walk(yes yesterday we did nothing iin the house, a recovering day you could say) and came home with a little cook book for me. Not that I don;t have cooking books, but this one is one with some not too difficult recipees of the Indonesian and Chinese kitchen. Nice hey?
And did you know that Jan's first school education was at the bakery school? He was about 16 at the time. He never got working in that profession, but he has the basics and now he said he might try his hands on baking cookies and stuff, just for fun. So he bought a little book for himself too, recipees for 500 sorts of cookies and cakes. Hmmmmm, we'll see if he actually will try his hands on it.

Enough talking done for today. There is some more work wiating for me, like ironing, dusting, perhaps even of some re-arranging a closet or so, if the weather is nice enough I also have to do some pruning in the garden, so enough to keep me busy. I have a fresh looking kit for you today, named Ready for Spring. The download is from 4-shared, sorry for that, but you know why I had to upload there for a couple of days. Hope you have no trouble downloading.
Download    HERE

And arlene has made again 2 lovely clusters and a wonderful quickpage for you!
Have a great day!

Download    HERE

P.S.   I forgot to say that you should take a look at Linda's blog, where she offers a beautiful quickpage she made with the Beyond Time kit.


Edna B said...

What a lovely kit, Kyra. The colors are so pretty and lemony. I just love the fat little frog. What fun that Jan has a background in baking. Do show us photos of the cookies he bakes. It's good that he has different interests. It will keep him young. lol.

Now I think I'll make me a cup of coffee to warm up. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O sweet lady, I thank you for the lovely yellow and bright shiny kit. I love Arlene's gift too! So glad the task was not so large for the carpenter and that you got him to do both for you! Now just enjoy some time to rest after all that cleaning! I took a whole day off yesterday and did NOTHING!! Felt so very good too! LOL!
Off now to wash a load of clothes and finish up my blog reading! Love ya! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thank you!

HappyScreens said...

These beautiful elements and Arlene's clusters are wonderful! Thank you so much. I wish I could accomplish as much in a day as you do. What is your secret?

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...