Friday, March 15, 2013

I want higher temperatures!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

As planned, how wonderful, I went for some shopping on Wednesday. I can tell you I had all sorts of weather during the little trip. At the time I walked to the bank, it started to rain, and turned into wet snow. It was not the weather I asked for!
Okay, it stopped after a while and when I was done at the super, the sky had cleared up, showed some blue and even the sun came out. And then it was even rather nice outside, as long as I stayed into the sun and out of the wind.
Home again I took me sandwich and didn;t do much else  LOL.
Some little things, yes, but in the afternoon I sat down to watch a nice serie I like to follow, and some more stuff on tv, soon it was time for dinner and that was the day.
Some good news about Jan. He had, because of his painkillers, some constipation trouble, so when he went to our doctor, he got some medcine for that too. It took some time to work, but hoorray, the last two or three days it is working and it's a big relief for him. I know how that feels, had it myself a couple of times, yak.
It's not all to usual yet, but i's a good start and only willwork "natural"again when he stopps taking the painkillers. He doesn't use them as much as at the beginning, but still needs them at times.
Slowly and careful are the words at the moment. I am already glad that the laxative is doing it's job, poor soul can do without any extra trouble.

Oh, despite of the weather Jan did plant seeds in a lot of pots and it's now an every day round to take a look at them( they are standing at several places in the room LOL), and oh my, you cannot stop nature's behaviour, a lot of them are peeping up already, some grow really with an unbelievable speed!. Okay, that's motivation to endure a bit nasty weather, and I have hopes temps will go up a few degrees next week. Already would be a good thing if the night temperatures stayed above zero.
Oh my, despite of his physical condition at the moment Jan had already some ideas for the garden to tackle this spring. We have a tiny little rockgarden, where I have also the mini-mini-pond for the frogs and toads. Now he came with the idea to move it to another spot in the garden, and rebuild it.
I couldn;t help myself starting to laugh a bit, telling him that all is nice, but that at the moment he was in no condition to do such work, but I also didn;t want to spoil the fun, so I said we probably could do that, but a bit later in the year, when it would be much nicer to be outside.
Still I admire his spirit, not complaining about his situation(although I know he HATES it), no, it's always me who has to ask how he is doing, and have to do it with some reluctancy, otherwise he gets really irritated LOL.

What a sad sight at our half of the street! They started to cut the trees and it really is a pity.
Okay, they will plant back new ones, but it surely is a naked view at the moment.
But Jan had great news too, the other day. He was for a moment looking into the garden and spotted several great tits!! It might not be something special to a lot of you, but it was so for us. Being in the middle of the city, having a cat roaming in it, I thought it was wonderful. Lots of gardens that are still in town, don;t have too much greenery in it, a lot of people remove the planting and trees, put in tiles, because they want to have an easy garden, which isn;t good for the birds and all other creatures.
So if we have visits of frogs, toads and now again from some great tits, I feel happy.
Perhaps I can find a little birdhouse for a few bucks and hang it in the ivy we have at parts of the garden fence. Who knows, may be we will have some tennants there? The cat cannot climb into it, so they would be safe.

Okay, enough rambling done, let's take a look at today's freebie. It is named'What means the Most"and is in soft colors. And oh my, what a wonderful present you will get from Arlene!
She not only made lovely clusters as usual but also gives you TWO quickpages. Yes, I have a lot of previes today. One of the kit, one of the papers, and two of Arlene's work.
I wish you all a spectacular weekend, with a lot of scrapping pleasure!

Download     HERE

Download      HERE


Edna B said...

I'm with you Kyra. I will be getting back home in time for some more snow. We got 23 inches of the stuff last week. (back home) It will be so nice to have the Spring weather come and stay for a long time.

I can understand why Jan wants to get busy in the garden. I'm itching to do the same thing. I have a couple of new bird feeders (thank you very much) to fill and hang, and I want to plant some new bulbs.

Ah well, all in good time. Only two more days and then Pogo and I go home. You have a great day today, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
I'd like higher temperatures too!!!
I can't stand the snow anymore...
Your kit and Arlene's clusters and QP have brought a little part of spring and sunshine, it helps a lot to forget this bad weather... so thank you sooo much !
They are really gorgeous !
It's a pity for the trees in your street, and I understand when you say that it won't be the same, but maybe the future trees can be more beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Kyra, so glad you had a productive week. Happy about Jan too!I hope his back feels better and he can stop the pain killers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the temperatures continue to climb for you! We are expecting 80+F today and tomorrow. I think all our freezing or below is gone for good now. It's very windy, but from the south which makes for no wind chill!
I thank you for the lovely kit and please thank Arlene for her lovely pages and clusters too!
Many hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

How do you make such lovely, cute elements? The color combinations are great, and I love Arlene's clusters. Thank you both. I hope your/our weather and the outdoors begin to look more like this kit!

Carole Holt said...

thanks so much for your wonderful kits