Friday, March 01, 2013

A new month just started

Goodmorning everybody!

I read it on lots of blogs: where has time gone to? It is really a bit freaky that we arrived in March already. Time is going so fast, it is like sand slipping through your fingers LOL!

Well, yesterday I was free of all nasty things of epilepsie again, and I could move around as always. Not that I did too much! But some shopping was necessary, and I even sweeped the vacuum cleaner around.
It's not too bad weather here, temperature just a few degrees above zero, sometimes even sunshine, only the wind is still blowing from the wrong direction, which makes it feel colder than it is.
Looks to be somewhat better today, so perhaps I make a quick visit to the market in the afternoon.
We are almost out of cheese and that cannot be!
Oh, I did make all the copies for the accountant and mailed the envelope yesterday. So that is done and in progress soon. Feels rather good.

I think I should look around where I left the seeds I collected last year in the garden and see what I have. It's time to plant them in their little pots and hopefully some of them will grow and flourish.
Good thing to do for Jan I think. Oh, and may be the guy with all the seed packets and such is at the market, may be I can find some nice seed packets there too, keeps Jan a bit busy, he had fun looking after the little plants last year.

I wonder where the brains are gone from our piliticians! Just read on teletekst that, of course, new measurements have to be taken, to fight the crisis, okay, we know by now, you cannot continue to spend money without sometimes cutting back, but now they ask of the health care employees that their wages stay on the "zero-line"! And government wants to cut into health care another billion!

This is the news article, I used some of Google translate(which isn;t aways so good but it helps)

Health care workers  do not cooperate  with the " zero line"of the cabinet.
The Union for health workers does not work with it to the plan of the Cabinet of a billion euro cut back by nomore  salary increase

'' This is a matter for employers and employees. We conclude a collective labour agreement for good times and bad. It's panic football to say it comes worse, now may you pay the Bill. ''

According to the saying of the bond  the personnel isn't counting on a pay rise of 4 percent, of course.. '' But the fight we have to do is at the the table by us and our employers.  The pressure on the employees is already been compounded by earlier cuts. We don't do any charity work. ''

In addition, even lower salaries in the care  does not manage to attract new people
The Government wants on the budget by 2014 approximately 4.5 billion euro cut back. By employees in the care and elsewhere in the public sector on the zero line governments expects 2 billion would be saved.

Everybody knows about the crisis at the moment, and it is not all bla bla, but I think there are governments who play that panic football, in order to push through their plans at all costs.
Why? You tell me, I don;t know, but one thing I do, and that is the fact that some have to pay a much larger cut of that bill than others. And I think we could be proud of our health care, but if they go on with the plans they have(this is just a little portion of it!) we soon will not have health care anymore, at least not for everyone.

Ghee it can make me so mad thinking of it! There are other ways of cutting back governmental expenses, but surely not in health care salary ( and I mean then the salary of the general health care worker, not the directions and staff!0.

Well, enough now, I got some steam vented LOL, time to think about nicer things, like a new freebie, hey?Nice colors, lots of different use I think, and lovely clusters. Arlene is spoiling you, because she didn;t make only clusters but also a fantastic quickpage!!!What do you want more for the weekend hahaha.
You all have a great weekend, see you back on Monday.

Download  HERE

Download   HERE


Anonymous said...

Wow ! this is so beautiful...!
Thank you very much !!
Arlene has done such a lovely QP and clusters, and I thank her too !
Hope you can do a bit of gardening this weekend, this is like the scrapbooking : it helps to forget the worries, LOL.
Have a wonderful weekend !

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Our government is doing basically the same stuff, WHEN you can keep them at work...mostly they collect their high salary and work 3-4 days then take off a week or two! Then give themselves a pay increase while the rest of us try to stretch our money from paycheck to paycheck and not succeed! I get too angry talking about, gonna talk about how pretty the kit and gifts from Arlene are! Give me something to do this weekend! Thank you both so very much!
Hope Jan feels better and now that March is here, he can see the doctor again about his back.
March is coming in like a lion here today, still very windy, windy, windy! But the sun is shining very pretty! The birds are all out eating too! My girls are sitting in the window sills and watching them....LOL!
Got work to accomplish so gotta get busy, Have a terrific weekend ahead! Chat again Monday!
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Kyra I agree wholeheartedly with you about spending cuts. Have you noticed that they never cut the salaries and benefits of the government employees and all the politicians? Hmmmmmm. Wonder why that is?

I won't get started on my political rant. It's a pretty nice day here and I want to enjoy it. lol. I hope you're feeling much better. Epilepsy can be difficult to live with. You take care of you. Don't work so hard. My doctor said once that when I am gone the dust will still be there. So I try to get along with the dust bunnies. haha.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

NathL said...

thank you Kyra for this lovely kit :)
In France, snow is here again and I long for spring :D
have a nice day!