Monday, February 04, 2013

Which bank is to trust?

Goodmorning everybody!

In the last couple of years quit some banks got baknkruped, or have been taken over by the government.
Those banks are having a great deal of the blame of the crisis we are suffering now.
Just last week another bank has been taken over by our government, and a part of the big money has been suplied by other banks.
Imagine, the bank I am talking about, had 3 division, the Banking, other division of mortgages and one handling real eastate. Well, that last part has done bad, very bad, mostly because the direction invested in bad building projects.
So in a hurry the Dutch state had to interfere, to keep the bak alive. But who is in the end paying for it all? Yes, the tax payers, and that's us!
It is unbelievable that those things can happen.
It is said by our minister of finance, that this will cost "us"money, but that is was no option to just let that bank "fall over", because that would even cost a lot more money. Well, I wonder.
I am telling this in very simple words, it is much more complicated, but this is what happened the last couple of days.
But it is unbelievable what guys im high positions, who earn real big money, can do for their own gain, without being procecuted. Oh, there will be an investigation, of course, but I am sure in the end the guys responsible for it, will walk away practically unharmed and mark my words, in a few years they will have another great job, with immense salary, and bonusses.
So frustrating when you hear that!

Okay, enough grumbling for a Monday morning LOL!
It was a nice, quiet weekend, and I did a lot of designing, although I didn;t got to another bloglayout yet. Well, that will be done one of these days.
I will have to leave the computer a bit alone today, some serious celaning is waiting for me. I think the toilet/bathroom has need of some refreshing, and if time is left(and spirit in me) I might wash the curtains of the front window, they look a bit weird, grin grin.

The weather here is not all to bright, in the weekend there was quit some rain and also fierce wind, temps are a few degress above zero, but it's not nice. Topday is about the same concept, so I think I will stay in. Well, I have all I need in the house, only somewhere this week I might have to go to town centre, to find a present for Séverine, Heidi's daughter, who has her birthday this week.
I asked Heidi if the girl had some wished, and she liked to have some books of a certain writer, it;s a whole serie, and she seems to like it. May be I will find it, on the other hand it's a bit difficult, if she asked it sevral people, easily she will receive "doubles". May be I will give her just a little amount of money, so she can pick them out herself. In general, I don;t like giving money as a birthday present, but sometimes it's more pratical.
Oh my, decisions, decisions to make, LOL.

Okay, I have just a bit of time left to take another coffee, may just half an hour to design a bit, and then I want to get started with the cleaning. Sigh!
Okay, if I do it quick enough, I might have some time left this afternoon to play on the computer.
For now I will say"goodbye"not without leaving you with a freebie of course.
It's'a bit Vintage looking kit, named "A Moment Captured", with Arlene's clusters.
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. Work is never ending isn't it. I hope you have a fantastic week...

Mats World said...

That is what happened over here as well with the banks and housing causing soooooooo much problems with our economy! The only winners are the leeches that get paid so much money and not have to pay back any!
We had a small shower this morning, but the sun is trying to peek through now, to be around 70F today!
I have to get away from this computer and get some real work done today! LOL! I really enjoyed being off it lately because of my neck! But I just love sitting her and designing when I am in a creative mood!
Thanks for another lovely gift from you and Arlene! It is so appreciated!
Have a terrific week ahead! Check back with you on Wednesday! O BTW I got a short note from Marion she is just out of hospital, she had to have her appendix removed! Will be down a few days from posting!
Chat more next time. Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thanks, Kyra - what a lovely kit!

Angie Green said...

I love the look of this newest kit and Arlene once again has done wonderful clusters. Thank you so very much for sharing your time and creations....

Edna B said...

Somehow, us little guys always end up paying the bill for the big guys. I agree about the birthday gift. I would rather have the fun of picking out just the right gift for someone, but sometimes money is best. Good luck with the cleaning, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing but I can't seem to down load it ,all the other gift that you share are fantastic and many thanks for them and hugs and many thanks Nana Kat

Anonymous said...

Blessings and many thanks for this fantastic gift ,hugs Nana Kat