Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still a bit cold, but sun is shining.

Goodmorning everybody!

It's still a bit cold outside, but today the day started with sunshine, and then all looks better, isn;t it?
Monday I was sooo pleased with myself LOL1 No, really , I did all the things I had on my to-do list, isn;t that wonderful?
First early morning i called the doctor's office to make an appointment for Jan, and he could go there around 11.00 o'clock same day. Good. As he was there, I rushes into the kitchen to fill a bucket with water and some stuff, rushed back into the room to get me the curtains, and put them into some water to get white again LOL.
Then I washed the windows, and did some cleaning and dusting in the room. And oh, so good to hang out the curtains for a moment outside, to drip off and get fresh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Me dummy! Good that after a couple of minutes I just checked if they still were hanging, because when I touched them, I felt that they were already getting stiff, almost frozen! Why don;t I use the brains I got once???? It was still lightly freezing outside!!!
I just was in time to save them, and hanged them in the shower room for further dripping off.
Pfffffffff, all was well. Also did turn on the washing machine in the meantime.
Then I had to go out(Jan was back by that time), to get him his prescription at the drugstore.
Doctor didn;t tell what was wrong with his back, probably it was hard for him to dertermine, but for the moment Jan got some painkillers, rather light ones, just paracetamol with codeine, and doctor would ask for the photos that were taken at the hospital. Well, let's see if that will help after a few days.
I got back, and despite of his back, Jan already did hang back the curtains in the room, silly guy.
Then I took by hand the vacuum cleaner, and did that too. Then hopped into the kitchen to prepare the meat for dinner, and also made the stew with onions, carrots and mashed potatoes. Not my favourite one, but Jan likes it, so why not. Then hanged out the laundry, that was ready in the machine,
And when that all was ready, I thought it was good enough for the day, and sat down with a sandwich.

Yesterday I took it a lot more quiet, just went out to get a few groceries, and then did some designing at the computer.
I am not sure what I will do today, probably not too much, but if the weather stays the way it looks now, just may be I will go for a short market visit, we could do with a bit of fruit and cheese.

Perhaps not the most inspiring blogpost, but wheh I read it back, I feel good about myself, LOL!
And may be I made you smile a bit, about my curtain adventures, grin.

Before I put on the freebie, I want to draw your attention to Linda's blog, where she has posted again a beautiful quickpage!
And do you know the Cottage Art blog? I found that and there are some wonderful tutorials, very well explained, together with screen shots, and some freebies too, and lots of things useful to a scrapper and photographer. Just take a look there. And another one that could be very helpful is The Coffee shop blog. Tutorials, freebies and lots of stuff!

Now here's the freebie for today, "All Because of You". as tomorrow is Valentine's Day I think it is a perfect kit. I will show you a preview of one of the papers, I;ve made 3 papers with a love poem on it, yeah. And then with a great photo, one of these papers and a cluster from Arlene, voila, you have a wonderful layout.
Have a terrific day!
Download    HERE


Download   clusters   HERE


Edna B said...

Some days I wish I had your energy. I could fly around this house and spiff it all up nice.

It's hard to believe that not so many years ago, I had the energy of a bunny. Now I travel with the turtles! lol.

Now it's time for me to do the laundry. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Afternoon, been so busy this morning, just now getting around to checking out the blogs! LOL!
Sounds like you had a productive day and I think you should be proud of all you did.
The sun is shining here today, yesterday was rain and cloudy and gray and chilly all day, but all looks better with the sun shining!
Thank you so much for the lovely gift and for Arlene's clusters too!
Have a great Valentine's Day with Jan and I will check in again with you on Friday!
Many hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads, you've certainly done well getting all the chores done...

NathL said...

thank you so much Kyra for that lovely kit :)
have a beautifull day :)
find some freebies for you too on my blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!