Monday, December 17, 2012

Good to do little after busy week

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I took it real easy this weekend after my rather busy week LOL.
However, I kicked myself in the buts yesterday, and cleaned the veggies Jan brought from the market, gave them a quick cook, just for a minute and packed them all in little bags, so they are ready to be used out of the freezer.
But that's about all I did this weekend.
I promised you to make a picture of my Christmas tree with the presents under it, but just was too lazy( how lazy you will have to be to not tack out a little camera to take one or two pictures?????).
Aweful, I know, but I will make one and post it later this week.
I had time to knit more for the blanket, although I am not completely satisfied with the results, so it may be that I will take it all off and start over again LOL! Not yet sure about it.
It wouldn;t be to distressing, I had some experience again for some of the patterns, could see how they look and may be I do it a bit another way.
Not making a lot of squares, but knit long parts changing the pattern in it and then swe or crochet them together.
It keeps me busy, won;t it?

Our cat Brodski has changed his "resting"place again, hahaha. Cats do that every now and then, this time he found the utter corner of the "snow balnket"where I have some of my bears, and also likes to take a nap on my chair at the computer corner. That gives problems when I want to do something at the computer, cause he has to move then. He doesnt like it, and only will do so under great protests LOL!!

The weather isn;t the best one, but we sstill shouldn;t complain. At the moment we have around
7 C(around 44 F) at daytime, not much wind sometimes a bit of rain, and during the night it isn;t freezing. How wonderful is that in December? Now just cross fingers that the "real"winter will not come at a later point in the next year, like February of even March!!!

Today is the start of a week of houshold charts, yes it must be! I want to have everything done by the weekend, so that it's all clean and neat at Christmas. So I think today is washing and ironing day, and put also all the things in the closets and the shower/toilet area is in desparate need of some scrubbing.
It's mostly the "starting" that gives problems, hahaha, once busy I go on and finish it too.
The house also needs a good vacuum cleaning everywhere, the bed calls out to me that it needs fresh sheets, get rid of some dust here and there is necessary too, have to sort out some paperwork, must not forget to get some of my medicine too , want to make a quick visit to Heidi too, etc etc.
Enough to do this week.
No doubt you all know this kind of "routine", sigh!

Ah well, it keeps us busy, it's good for the condition and muscles, and when all is done it makes you feel good. And then we can cut in some playing time at the computer too, yeah!
So without any delay I will post the next Christmas freebie for you.
It is namend "Joys of the Season", mostly in purple!, witheven 2 previews of Arlene's clusters.
Will that be a good start of the week for you? Hopefully it is.
Have a great Monday you all!
Download    HERE

Download Arlene's clusters    HERE


Edna B said...

Wow, you have a busy week ahead of you! I will probably do some of those things, but not all of them. Maybe run the vacuum, do a bit of laundry, and kick a few dust bunnies around. That should do it. lol.

It's time for me to pack up and go home now. Oh boy, I can't wait! It's been a long night.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

thank you so much for all you share I know I say it often, but not sure it is often enough! I thank Arlene as well, her work is simply lovely work!
Glad you had a peaceful weekend, I did all my cleaning and scrubbing on Saturday, went to my "sis" Nina's house yesterday to help fix a birthday meal for 15 people. We surely had a good time with the Dallas Cowboy game on and all the cheering for them going on too! We won in overtime! YAY!! LOL!
Well, got lots to do for real work today, so gonna get after it! Have a marvelous day and don't work too hard! Lots of hugs coming your way! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these downloads, beautiful as always...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I finally got back here to visit you and find out what you have been up to in my absence.:)
So happy Jan's heart is okay.:)Sure hope they will be able to find out what is causing his fluid retention..and be able to help him get rid of that problem.:)
LOVE your CHRISTmas pics!:)Looks like the stars in your dining room!How COOL!!:)
I want to THANK you and Arlen for the BEAUTIFUL designs you have shared with me. LOVE THEM ALL!
I am still rushed these days...but wanted to make a quick stop in to leave you some love.:)

Huge hugs,