Friday, November 16, 2012

So far, so good.

Goodmorning everybody!

The visit to the doctor was one that brought some good news. She said that the MRI results were positive, no strange things were found, so that was another relief.
She still doesn;t understand why Jan suddenly holds so much fluid, and she said: "I think it will go better, very slowly, but I don;t like it when I don;t understand what is the reason".
So just to be sure, she wants Jan to have a heart function test, although his heart filn taken when we were at the First aid, showed a good result. But she wants to rule out all possible things.
I don;t mind that Jan is "researched"completely, always good to have a thoutough check up.
For now she raised again his watering pills, but wants to keep him under close control. So he has another appointment in 14 days, she wants to monitor closely if the higher amount of these pills will not effect in a bad way his kidneys.
Okay, our minds are nevertheless at peace for the moment, knowing that no strange tumors or blockages are found.
Now hoping the pills will do their work quickly, and that he will loose the fluid in his feet and belly.
That is the so far, so good part for now.

Oh, I did tell you that I went this week to a supermarket by tram, it's one where I go from time to time, to get some stuff that is good but nicely less expensive than in the supermarket near by.
Hmmmm, when I arrived I found it CLOSED! They were busy with a renovation, or something like it. Damm......... I wasn;t happy with that. Went there for nothing!
Nothing to do about it, I will call them perhaps today, to hear if they are open again, so that I can make my trip.

Another startle thing happened yesterday. When I woke up I put on the tv, to hear the news. But......I just had the menu screen from the decoder for digital tv, and wasn;t able to get rid of it.
Ghee, what happened there. First thought Jan was busy changing some cables and such, but when he woke up a couple of moments later, he also didn;t understand why that happened. We tried some things but no luck, so I called our provider for the digital tv(same as for internet and telephone). I was lucky, I got somebody one the line after just two minutes of hold!
Gave him to Jan and the guy on the line helped us right away. How it happened, we still don;t understand, but apparantly the broadcasting frequence and some code jumped to another one, which couldn't be recognized by the decoder. The guy told us how to deal with that and tadaaa...............we had back all our channels. Pffffff. that was quite a relief.
Only thing is that Jan had to re-arrange the favourite channels and re-number them again, which is a pain to do, but that's done and all is well again.
It seems to be a period in our life, that we get all kind of little surprises, but not the kind to get happy about LOL!
I only hope, that was the last of it for a loooong time. We need a bit of "boaring"time again, how wonderful that would be, grin grin.

We still cannot complain too hard about the weather, yes, it's getting a bit colder, we even might have a tiny bit of night frost, but during the day we have temps between 5 degrees C and 10 C(around 40 and 50 Fahrenheit), with very little rain and not much wind either.
I can do with that kind of weather till next Spring, but I think we will have worse weather conditions later.

But all this didn;t stop me from designing, which is a great thing to do to forget a bit all for a moment, yeah!
Today I have the kit "Cycle of Time"for you, and clusters to match from Arlene. I think there can be made some sweet layouts with it.
That's all for today, folks! Let's start the weekend with a happy and hopefull heart, Because although there are moments in life, things aren;t going too smoothly,there are always little rays of sunlight to enjoy too, if you just take the trouble to look for them and see them.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Download     HERE

Download     HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Ooooh this one looks really interesting, thanx for the lovely kit and for Arlene's gift too!
So happy to hear good news of Jan's MRI, got to be a load off your minds about his health, now to just find out why the fluid retention!
I hope you have a lovely "boring" weekend ahead! LOL! I certainly plan to! ROFL! Hugs from me & my "furgurls"! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters.
Also wishing you a happy and uneventful weekend...

Edna B said...

What good news for Jan. Here's hoping that everything clears quickly. What a gorgeous doll in your new kit! I have a doll collection so I appreciate beautiful dolls.

I have Pogo here at work with me and he is being quite pesky. I have to get back to work now. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

like these - thank you! I'm so glad that Jan's MRI showed nothing to worry about.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)
I too am sooo HAPPY that Jan's tests were positive. Nothing to be worried about.I hope the new dosage will help him to get rid of the excess! That has got to be frustrating!!
I will have to make a return trip to your blog..because Jim just informed me that it is bed time.LOL

Huge hugs my friend!!


Chris Allport said...

Dear Kyra

I hope Jan starts to lose the fluid soon. I get this from time to time, especially in the summer when it is too hot.

I had an infection in the summer and had to take an antibiotic called Cefalexin and it made me retain fluid (I gained over 8 pounds in weight. It took almost a month to lose all the fluid and the weight.

Thinking of you both.

Lots of luv Chris

grammadiane said...

Thank You for the lovely kit and beautiful clusters...