Friday, November 09, 2012

Romance knows no age!

Goodmorning everybody!

First thing I want to share with you is some great news I heard from an internet/blog friend I know for many years already. Her mother is getting married on Valentine's Day next year at the age of...........83!!!! Now isn;t that  great news?
It certainly gives you a boost to hear that and here you see that romance is of all ages, and even if you are not the youngest anymore, you still have a life and still can have some romance.
You can read about it all on Valinda's blog. So if you need a little boost you should visit her an read this beautiful news.! It surely brought a big smile on my face.

Oh my, our newly installed government already has big problems to solve LOL! They announced some measurements about health care, that weren't recieved well in both their parties and also not in parliament shortly said almost not by anyone! So today they have big talks together to come to an acceptable solution or change of the plan. Oh my God, couldn;t they have forseen that this plan would cause real big resistance? (and I mean REAL BIG, all through the country and through all parliament).
Anyway, this weekend will be a hard one for the prime-minister and his folks, lots of hours of talk, to come up with something much more acceptable on Monday, and if they can produce something it will be discussed in parliament on Tuesday.
We'll see how they wriggle out of it LOL!

Astonishing! Jan yesterday, by himself, told me, it was improving a tiny little bit with him. He still has thick feet, but the legs are a bit better, not feeling like a brick wall when he touches it, his belly seems to feel also a little "softer"although still too big, but okay, he said a few words about it.
He even said that today, after a looooong shower, he would dress "properly"LOL( the last couple of days he was dressed in a pair of jogging trouser and fleece pully) and perhaps will try to make a little walk outside. That certainly will not be for long, but it's a try and start. It might help too for his back-trouble he has. Might be caused by his health problems at the moment, but also, because he hardly moves around.
So, no big improvement yet, but hopefully the start of it. I am not right away overwhelmly optimistic, but every inch to "a bit better" is a gain.

I had a wonderful lazy day yesterday, I did nothing! Well, no things in household( apart from making dinner) or anything like it. I spent a lot of time at the computer, designing a Christmas kit.
I was again invited to jium the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking blog train, and yes, I will participate. So good excuse to spend some time in PSE LOL.
I also am busy at the moment crocheting and knitting, making some mats for our couch, to protect a bit the headrest of it. When sitting on it, you can rest you head against it, but then slowly you can see where you always have your head and that is not easy to clean. So therefore the mats.
Also am knitting a cover for the couch we always are sitting on, more to protect it from the cat so that it stays a bit clean and without little holes of the cat's nails LOL.
I'll see how long that will be on, but it gives me something to do during the time I'm watching tv.
It keeps you busy, specially your hands, of course and that again keeps you from smoking, yes!
I notice that I take less cigarettes as long as I am knitting or crocheting. Well, that's a good thing.!

Today I will not have so much time for the computer, cause there is a little bit of shopping to do, the house can use a sweep with duster and vacuum cleaner at the leat and in the afternoon the speed skating season is starting again. Today and during the weekend there will be the Dutch championship. You know Jan and I like to watch that, so we will be busy with that for one.
In the evening there is to watch The Voice of Holland, we start with the live shows, now every candidate can show what they are worth. There are a few, that I really like and that have "something special".
So, it's time to end this post, not without the freebie, naturally!
This kit is named "Untill the Last Moment", with clusters from Arlene to make it complete.
Have all a wonderful weekend, thanks for your visits and all your nice comments, and for bringing a little smile into my heart!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Glad to hear of small improvement on Jan and that you are staying busy creating and not smoking...LOL! Great about the Christmas blog, I love those each year. So happy to have Miriam back creating, even for a short time. It is finally raining leaves here and the weather is to change on Sunday, will see if fall is really and finally here!...LOL! Have a terrific weekend and thanx for the lovely kit and thanx to Arlene too for the clusters! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

What good news about Jan. I hope he keeps on getting better. I think it's wonderful about Valinda's mom getting married again. My late mother in law remarried in her eighties too. Love comes at all ages. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for yet another lovely kit.
Good to hear Jan is doing better. Good luck with the crochet...

HappyScreens said...

Thanks for the pretty, frilly kit and clusters. I'm glad that Jan is feeling some better! I wish you both all of the best.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thank you so much for sharing my good news with your friends and blog family.:)It really is exciting to see how much my Mama has smiled the last few months.She is like a school girl.Hehe She sent a picture to me yesterday of her Wedding outfit.Told me NOT to post it to Facebook...cause she didn't want Joe to see it.LOL
SO HAPPY that Jan is improving..even if it is slightly. Improving is a GOOD thing.:)
I really don't want to discus soo HAPPY that we can hear something besides that on TV now.LOL I sometimes feel like we are just a bunch of robots being moved around to where THEY want us.Bummers! I AM discussing it!!!LOL Stopping NOW!!!:)
Thank you so much for another GORGEOUS kit and clusters!! I LOVE THEM!!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for you that your husband feels better! Try not to worry too's a good thing for you to knit or crochet to avoid smoking and thinking : you keep on creating, that's great!
Wow getting married at the age of 83 is so sweet and romantic!
Thank you so much for you new kit and the lovely clusters, I just love this dark pink, it reminds me your kit "bellezza", my favourite color!!
Have a nice weekend,

Angie Green said...

I love to read about love for our senior family members. It is wonderful to know that no matter the age, we can still find someone to spend our twilight years with. Thank you for sharing that story. I have downloaded this beautiful set from you and Arlene.... wonderful colors.... Thank you for all the wonderful freebies.