Friday, October 19, 2012

Some beautiful days ahead.

Goodmorning everyody!

Oh yeah, after some rainy and gloomy days, it's  foracasted that the days to come temps will rise again to around 66 F and if the sun shines it might even rise to 71 F! Oh, if that should happen, whoopee!
Oh my, Jan had an evening shift on Wednesday. Okay, nothing strange, he has many, but this one wasn;t so well planned or organized. He had shift from 18.00 till 23.00 , but he was home only at 15 minutes past midnight!
Poor soul had a list of adresses that were very wide spread, when he went to one and then to the other, he had to cross all the quarter to the other far end and then back again for the next address and so forth. No, not a good planner, and you cannot change too much yourself in the route, cause there are scheduled times agreed with the customers.
I was glad he had no shift yesterday(although he could have, for the evening,but I turned it down, yeah! as he had to work double today) and could recover a bit.
Now today he has a double one, morning and evening, but they are normally not too difficult.
And tomorrow he is free again. Of course it's a good thing he can work lots of hours, but he also has to take care of himself. We aren't getting any younger!

As yesterday was a very lazy day(again), I have to do some things here. Washing machine is loaded, have to run the vacuum cleaner, and if there is time should get me some necessary things I only can get in town center. Hmmmm, we'll see if I can manage that, because have to give Jan something to eat before he goes to evening shift, and he has to leave home at about 16.15.
And I have to make a few telephone calls too, so even if it doesn;t sound a real busy day, it all takes it's time.

I already have made one Christmas kit, yes! And a second is almost ready too!
May be a little bit early start, but better that than throwing something together at the last moment.

We still  are without a proper government, you know. There is of course the Care taker Government(hope this is the right expression), but we are still waiting for the new one. The two parties that won the election, are still talking and negociating, and very little is coming out in the news till now. They have a kind of media silence, hahaha.
Whatever they decide to be the policy for the next 4 years(if they make it through!), it certainly will not be good for our wallet. Some things we know already that will be done. VAT for "luxury"goods has gone up from 19% to 21% and they are even thinking about 23%!! So for food e.g. it stays the same, but you aotice already prices have gone up. This has been effected from the 1st of October.
This is only one measurement I am talking of! Lots more to come, to "fight the crisis".
And then you get such nice news in the papers and on tv, like "Energy costs will go down next year, it will save averybody around € 80 a year on the bill."(this because suddenly the energy suppliers were able to buy energy cheaper, yeah yeah)  Okay, every euro saved is profit for us, the last line of this awesome news there is said"it might however be a little less profit for the customer, because of course the VAT is going up. And as we say here in Holland, that is a case of making people happy with a dead mouse!
We just have to be prepared to it, that life will get more expensive next year, wages will stay mostly the same. Only the "big guys" seem to be out of the "danger area"how strange is that?

Before we all get too depressed, I better stop with this rambling, LOL, and go to the freebie for today.
I thought we could do with a kit in some light color pallette, so I offer you "Light of Dawn", with of course beautiful clusters from Arlene matching to it.
Now I just have to wait till it stops raining(yes, this morning it still is raining a little bit, but that should stop later this morning), and I can go out.
Have a lovely weekend, thanks for the visit.

P.S. Almost forgot to mention that a visitor of this blog, has started a new blog(she already has a few LOL), where she offers downloads of tags and other things, a lot made with my stuff, how cool! For download you will have to register, don;t get afraid, it is just an easy registration, without tricks, only done to prevent as much as possible the piracy. Take a look there and also visit her other blogs, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Download     HERE

Download     HERE


Anonymous said...

I take a minute to leave a short message, to thank you for all these beautiful kits this week!!
And thanks to Arlene for her great clusters and border, WOW !!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O my another week has just flown by! Thanx for this lovely light kit, looks very interesting! Arlene's cluster are lovely as usual too, so thanx Arlene! We are experiencing some of the same things in government (aren't all of us?)it really does get depressing that the people have little say, only the big bucks organizations that control the politics. Hope your weekend is wonderful and that Jan has an easy time with his shifts and he should be thankful that you watch out for him so well! Have a terrific day today! Hugs!! Mat

Edna B said...

I totally agree with you. The only folks safe from all the new taxes are the folks with all the money. Amazing how they call that "fair".

It's good that Jan has so many hours, but you are right to make him take time off now and then to take care of himself. Especially where he is out in some pretty bad weather.

I love the colors in your new kit. as well as Arlene's beautiful clusters.

I'm at work now, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely kit and Arlene's clusters.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kyra:)
Just stopped in to catch up with you.:) Please don't get me started on Governments!! A bunch of people who don't know what they are doing..and taking us along for the ride.LOL
Robby and family surprised me this morning. I was in my pajamas and in they walked.LOL Don't have much time for commenting..but wanted to say Hi and Thank YOU and Arlene for your lovely shares!!


kendell said...

Thank you so much for sharing your work so freely it is really appreciatdsed. Kindest regards