Friday, October 26, 2012

In full speed of designing LOL

Goodmorning everybody,

I think this will be a short post, not really too much to tell, apart of the leak trouble, that seems to reach a solution and fix. It needed and probably will need some more phonecalls by me, I seem to have become a sort of intermediaire. Hmmm, not my favourite job, but okay, it has to be done.
Hoping to make appointment with plumber this afternoon about the day he can come to repair it.

In between everything of the household and intermediairing, I seem to have still enough time for designing. And oh my God, Arlene and me we are in full speed!!! You should see what we have in store for you of Christmaskits already! Yeah, we are early, but its great. And everynow and then there also comes a general kit out of hand and brain LOL.

Yesterday we had fish for dinner and I think I already gave you a recipe for that, but I made it a bit different this time. I like to experiment a bit and sometimes combine two recipes to one, it often depends on what I have in the fridge you know.
Yesterday I made it like this:

Two filets of Pangasius fish (if you have them in the freezer, unthaw them first.)
Had a bit of celery left, so cut that up in real fine chinkies.
I had red paprika, so cut up two of them too in small chunkies.
Those together I fried in a bit of oil in a pan, just enough that they have still "a bite". Added some garlic to it and put apart.
Then made a bit of chicken broth, oiled in a baking dish, put on bottom the celery and paprika stuff, then the two fish filets, (salted and peppered a bit), then added also some basilicum(fresh is best, but dried one is ok too), and slices of tomatoe(you can also use little cherrie tomatoes cut in halves). Added a bit of chicken broth don't cover all the fish with it, just add a little bit!)and put that in the oven on about 225 degrees. Cover it for the first 25 minutes with a sheet of aluminium foil. Check after that time if fish is ready, when almost ready, cut some slices of brie or camembert(thin slices) and put that on top for about 10 minutes.
It was delicious! and you can also use another fish for it, as long as it has a bit sturdy flesh.
Give some potatoes, or mashed potatoes or even rice to it and tadaaa, dinner ready!

It seems I am again in a kind of cooking mood lately LOL. But I like to try out things, so you can have some great variation without too much trouble.
I think soon I will try out a recipe for a meat loaf with spinache, ham and something else(but I forgot now) and I have a couple of recipes more i found and will give a try. If it's any good and not too difficult to make, but with an enormous effect, I will write them down.

Well, time for me to get a few tedious things done here, yes, housekeeping and things linked to that, brrrrrrr, so let's put on a freebie or two for you.
What about some magical fairy stuff???
A great kit I think, well, I am pleased with it anyway, ROFL, and some fantastic clusters from Arlene!
Made you 2 preview of the kit, "Magical Forest Night", one of the whole an one of the papers and Arlene's clusters neede also two previews to do them a little bit justice. Hope you can have a "magical weekend"with it and see you again on Monday!

Download kit   HERE

Download clusters     HERE


Anonymous said...

"seems like yesterday" was such a lovely kit, but today... we have a super great kit and super clusters!!! I love the color of these papers, they are fantastic!!
Thanks to Arlene, and thanks for the recipes too!
"Merci 1000 fois" as we say here, and have a wonderful weekend,

Edna B said...

Oh what a lovely kit. And such pretty clusters too! You gals are quite a good team.

Who would think that it could take so long for a group of guys to fix a leak! I think a group of women would have had it fixed right away with no fuss or muss. lol.

I'm at work, so gotta get busy here. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mats World said...

Wow, don't we all need a little magic in our lives? Thank you so very much for such lovely freebies for us today! You and Arlene are certainly in sync with each other on this one, I will certainly enjoy using this kit, so thank you again for your generous gift, both of you! Hope you have a marvelous weekend and look forward to seeing what you will share on Monday! Many hugs! Mat

HappyScreens said...

You two are amazing! Thank you for your beautiful creations. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads, the colours are great...

Lianna said...

hi Kyra,
back from holiday and busy downloading your gorgeous kits from the past couple of weeks. I'll e mail you when I get chance but have been thinking of you, my friend next door had to let her cat Smokie go on Friday and is devastated. Hope designing your lovely kits takes your mind off it a little, they are definitely appreciated. If you come to uk and you're ever in London let me know, would love to meet up x

Anonymous said...

Hi....just wanted to say...I'm so glad you're addicted to scrapbooking and designing because you inspire us with your magical desings....please please please more fairies unicorns magical creatures....we may be adults but is so easy becoming a kid for a while....especially if we see designs like these...

Sylvia said...

Stunning colours in this kit. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Mgtcs said...

Lovely work, thank very much!