Monday, September 24, 2012

What will today bring us??

Goodmorning everybody!

In all the weekend was not bad. Jan had a lot of work, but today he is having a free day.
Weather is a bit so so at the moment. Rainy sometimes, colder, but still not really bad.
I was busy looking after Dikkie Di the last few days. I know I told you he was doing a bit better, that was around Wednesday. But after he had finished his cure on Thursday, all seemed to turn worse again. Not eating or really almost anything, and I have to hold it in front of his face to get him eat it, and even then not much. So today we will go again to the vet and see what will happen next.
This may sound not really nice, but we will have to make some decisions. If the vet wants to make an echo e.g. we will have to ask first, what it will cost us, because vet prices are high. And we just have to be very careful with our money at the moment, and cannot spend a couple of hundred euro for this. If there will be an echo and it will show he has kidney problems, next question will rise what to do about it. Perhaps operation, or just a specail diet? I have no idea. And will that make him really better again? And may be it will show that he has some bad tumor. What to do then?
I all cases I don;t want to have him suffer, and certainly not hustled about with all kinds of treatments and such. Perhaps the best thing will be then to put him asleep. I just don;t know yet. But I don;t have a good feeling in my stomach.
Still let's hope it wil show to be a minor thing, and that I worried too much, although it already is going on for about 3 weeks now, that he really isn;t the Dikkie Dik (dik in Dutch means thick or even fat) he was earlier. He is  looking so poor and skinny. It breaks my heart.

Well, this was all going through my mind during the weekend, and of course I tried to think about other things, and distract myself, but it's always on the background of my thoughts.
Lucky I have my computer, it helps to be busy and think for a while about other things.

It's not a very uplifting post at the beginning of the week, sorry.

But there are some nice freebies again. Oh, Arlene sent me a bunch of new  stuff yesterday, wow!
And I still had in store some of her last "shipment".
You still have to have some clusters from her made with earlier posted kits, but today I will do a different thing. I will post a kit and at the same time the clusters Arlene made with it. Good idea?
And I may post the clusters from earlier posted kit in one post this week, without perhaps a kit of mine, or may be another kind of freebie from me, and then we will be on track to post a kit as well as the matching clusters at the same time. Oh, gosh, quite an organisation!
So here we go, first the kit and then the clusters. Today''s kit is in one of my favourite coloors again, yeah! It's named "Just one Moment".
And the clusters are just adorable!
Have a wonderful day, I hope mine will turn out better than I feel it to be at the moment.

Download     HERE

Download Arlene's clusters   HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So sorry about Dikkie Dik, hope the news is not as bad as you are expecting! Glad your weather is still holding, ours is too warm again, not Fall like at all! Summer just keeps hanging on! Thanks to both of you for these lovely gifts, the clusters are great with the kit! Thank you both so very much. Will keep y'all in my prayers for good outcome! Hugs!! Mat

Edna B said...

Kyra, I am so sorry to hear that Dikkie Dik is not doing so well. We will say a prayer that the vet can fix whatever is wrong. Let's hope you do not have to be making decisions and that Dikkie Dik will be up and running around again soon.

Your new kit is beautiful, and Arlene has outdone herself again. The clusters are gorgeous. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Karen Lewis said...

Thank you for the lovely kit.

I am sorry to hear that Dikkie Dik is unwell and that you aren't sure what it is. We've been there with one of ours; I am sure you will make the best decision on behalf of your little feline friend, and I hope that all goes well. Healing vibes being sent your way.


HappyScreens said...

Thanks for the lovely kit and clusters. I like your idea for posting them together. Good luck with your cat. We love and worry so much about our pets.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Kyra...I sure hope you got some good news about Dikki Dik. Hope it was something that could be fixed with minor care. Medications etc. I know you have made the right decision for him and also for you and Jan.

Your new kit is Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Thank you Arlene for making your wonderful clusters for us too!


Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Angie Green said...

Oh my, another beautiful set. Thank you so much. I am going to go to the beginning of your blog and start there. I am sorry about your Kitty. I have lost so many poets that I am not sure if I am going to get any more. I pray for you and the choices you have had to make.