Friday, September 28, 2012

The inevitable happened.

Goodmorning everybody.

Let's start with the bad news. So happy I was, Dikkie came home on Wednesday. We  went to the vet in the evening, she's a very straight, but sweet person. She took another look at Dikkie, and after some talking to one another, she said, that she could do some research and tests on him, but she was afraid it wouldn;t just be a bad working kidney. His belly didn;t feel and looked good. And she was afraid that even after treating him, it wouldnl't get better. So at the end Jan and I decided we should put him to sleep. Oh, it was such a hard decision, but I didn;t want him to feel aweful anymore. To tell it as short as I can, I took him in my arms, the vet gave him first a kind of anesthesia injection and she left us alone for a few moments. When she cme back he got his final injection and he passed away very quietly.
Still some tears are running on my face, as I write this down, I am such a softy in these things. But I could see Jan had a difficult moment too!
It is better this way, and I am sooo glad he has gone to cat heaven lying in my arms. Because the uncertainty would have beeneven worse, not knowing where he was, what happened to him, if he didn;t came home.
So now we are left with only one cat. I could tell Brodski wasn;t in his usual mood too. I think animals somehow feel it when it goes bad with a buddy. It's already coming to almost normal with him, but he spends a lot of time very near to us at the moment.
Do want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for the sweet support on Dikkie Dik, all those kind words and thoughts, you're amazing!

Wednesday morning, when Dikkie wasn;t around yet, I got so busy in the house. Kind of reaction to all I think. Jan to work, I did get a few necesaary grocerie things, then changed the bedsheets, washed the curtain from the bedroom, cleaned the window, inside and out and as I was busy anyway outside, did the big window from the living room too. In the mean time washing machne did it's job, so that was done too. Clean windows and curtains can make a you happy for a moment LOL!
Top get my mind off the events, I spent quite some time at the computer too and started a bit of "new"project, at least for me. And the result.....yes, I can say I didn't do a bad job, there are still some improvements to make but it's rather nice.
The result you will get as freebie today. It's a photobook album, made with the Devine Silence kit, used there also the clusters from Arlene, so you could say it's a kind of collaboration kit.
The albim can stay on your harddisk in a file(some of the pages are for "blended"photos or photos with perhaps a mask, and a few have a frame to put them in.
You also could try to print them yourself and make a little photobook, for yourself or somebody else, but I think it will cost a lot of ink, and photopaper, and fuss, so you could let a service print your photo album. There are lots of companier that can offer you a nice result. Prices differ very much, as well as the way of uploading your photos there and so on.
So I did just a little bit of reading here and there and have a few links for you, that might help you to decide where to go and what to do.
Take a good look around on this site, they have lots more of interesting posts, also tutorials, resources, so take your time.
Oh, also don;t forget to read the comments on all sites, they can be very helful too and some have great tips!
(very nice and I think helpful)

And if you Google photo books, well, you get a lot more to read if you need to.

My great cluster creator(grin) did spoil me again with some great clusters, from kits not publshed yet, yeah she does a real terrific job.
But as promised I first will catch up on the clusters from kits already posted by me, and if it is all coming together as I think, we can start on Monday with kit plus matching clusters. Yippee!
It takes some time, but given some time I CAN get organized, ROFL!

Now first Arlene's clusters for the Never Let Me Go kit.
Download     HERE

Then the ones for the "Never Ending Story"kit
( These are real lovely ones, well, almost anything she makes, amazes me, she has such a feeling for it, I love them)
Download     HERE

And now the "new project". I made a preview of 5 phto pages, but there are 10 in total, each one has an opposite page, so in fact you have a double paged album. And I also made a front and backcover for it. I'll show you first an example of a double page(no photo on it, but you get a better idea of the whole, and then the preview of the pages. Pages and cover are made in 8 x 8 inch.
Hope you have some use for it, and it's allright if you make some extra books(or copies) in case you want to use this, perhaps offer a book to somebody for a birthday, or anniversairy, or whatever you use it for. Still my Tou rules for it, just personal use, no money making out of it. Perhaps not necessary to say this, but there are weird people out there on the net, so it's for them I say this.
Now have slowly got to start doing some things around here. Jan is working this morning so I want a few things been done, by the time he gets home again. May be we'll catch a little nap this afternoon, hmmm, it sounds not bad, hahaha.
Have a fantastic weekend, see you on Monday!

Here the couble page preview. (How could I do different, than start with an album in one of my favourite colours???? LOL!)

Download     HERE

P.S. Let me know if you are "in"for more of these photobook albums? Must say I love making them. Perhaps, next time I could make it in a different size? Something as 7 x 5 inch? Your reactions are much appreciated. Thanks.
Oh and if somebody perhaps, may be, in the case of, etc. should really let print an album with this, please, please, please, send me a picture of it?? Really would love to see the complete result.
I know, I ask a lot, but I am so curious!


Snowy aka Silke said...

So sorry to read about your cat ...big hugs (()) but at least he isn't suffering. You made the right choice, as hard as it is. Mine are not the youngest anymore with 13 years , so one day I will probably have to make the same decision.
sending some Love

aquascrap said...

So sorry to read about Dikkie Dik. At first I thought there might have been some hope when you wrote that you found him laying in the garden.

At least you got to hold him for the last time and he knew he had the best life with you and Jan.

Love your photo book pages. Yes please do more, any size I'll take them.

Judy xx

Anonymous said...

I´m very sorry for your loss. I feel with you. A big hug from New Zealand!

Edna B said...

Kyra, I am so sorry. I know how difficult this was for you, but Snowy is right. You made the best decision for Dikkie Dik. You have so many beautiful memories of him. Enjoy them. I'm send you big hugs, my friend.

Your new kit is fabulous. You have such wonderful ideas. I think the 7x5 will be nice too. I'm hoping your day goes well, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra, I'm very sorry to hear about Dikkie Dik. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a much loved family member like that. The good thing is he was with someone who loved him very much and not in an alley or other strange place by himself.
Thank you for the downloads. Both you and Arlene do some really lovely work...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Kyra.. I am soo sorry you had to make that decision. It really IS a hard one to make, but I think you made the right one. We had to do that recently with our Freedom (dog). We do it FOR them not TO them. KWIM? When their quality of life has gotten so much less and it looks like it won't get better..we don't want them to suffer.:(
Thank you sooo much for sharing your LOVELY album with me!! LOVE it!Hopefully I will find some extra time to fill it!:)It's been a busy ,busy few months!
Thank you Arlene for making and sharing your COOL clusters with us. LOVE them too.:)

Huge hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Arlene for her wonderful clusters! Your photobook album is just fabulous, that's great!
And thank you for all the links (you gave us some homework to do, don't you? LOL).
Take care, and have a nice weekend,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Brokenhearted about Dikkie Dik, but I know you had to make a difficult decision so as not to leave him in pain and for him to go off and die somewhere alone. Your decision was much more humane! He knows he was loved much! Dread the days when my 3 "girls" get that way! Anyhow, lots of love and hugs sent to both of you and Brodski too! Love, love, love the photo album idea. I just had some gorgeous books printed in 8x8 of my vacation by Adoramapix. Very reasonable too! I will most definitely do this up and send you a photo of it! Thanx to you and Arlene for such lovely, lovely gifts for us! Have a terrific weekend! Luv, Mat

Karen Lewis said...

So very sorry to hear the news about Dikkie Dik. Our little Tigger had a cancer of her kidney, which meant we had to make that final decision; having done so once before for her sister didn't make it any easier, nor when we had to do the same more recently for our little Selene. But we knew it was the best thing that we could do, the only thing really. It hurts so much at the time, but I tend to recall all the very fondest memories now, knowing they aren't in pain or discomfort.

Blessings to you and Jan, and little Brodski too.

Karen x

Tabatha said...

You make beautiful kits. I would love 5x 7 or 4x6 ones. I make those for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great things you all make. Sorry about your kitty. We had to have our Sheltie put to sleep 3 years ago and it is hard.

Canadian girl said...

Hello, Kyra - I visit your blog quite alot and really like many of your freebies. As a fellow cat lover, I want to say how sorry I am to hear about Dikkie Dik. I had to my feline companion of 16 years to sleep last May and I still shed a few tears when I think of him. He was a gentle, fat, fellow and the buddy of my current little cat (who is now 14). Dikkie Dik had a good home and loving owners and I believe he knew that.

HappyScreens said...

Yours is a choice that I have had to make several times in my 72 years. All you can do is remember the good times and know that you did the best for him that you could.
Thanks for the great photobook. I like the 8x8 or 8x6 size.

Lianna said...

oh honey I am so sorry. I had a feeling that when he came back to you, he was coming to say goodbye, that he came back because he loved you and wanted to give you the chance to be with him at the end. You know in your heart when you have to make the decision, it is the greatest gift you can give to end his suffering at the expense of your own. My thoughts are with you, your precious boy looks so much like my fat boy 'Angel' who has just come to me as i am typing this. xx