Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh, cleaning can make you happy LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Can you believe that in about a weeks time we will be in October already? I rememeber that in March I thought it was still a long time before summer came by and suddenly it's over with and we are heading towards the last 3 months of this year. We are growing old faster and faster.
Gosh, after taking a bit easier day on Wednesday, I got real busy yesterday.
First already rather early I went out to do some shopping, have all I need for the days to come, came home a little bit soaked, because I just catched a short rainshower LOL. So first I took me another coffee and a sandwich, by the time I had that in my stomach I was dried up again.
And then into the kitchen, with a buchet of water and some cleaning stuff in it and started with the cupboards. Took all the stuff out, sorted it through, cleaned the inside and outside, re-araanged all the things a bit better, got rid of things I really didn;t need or was too much etc.
By the time I was almost done, Jan came home and I could proudly show him the result LOL!
But it feels good to have it done and all clean again.
Almost done there, only a few drawers are left to do, hmm may be I will tackle that today, they are only small ones, so not lots of work.

Just got a mail fromArlene, happy to read she was okay after a tornado passed in her area(she only had to deal with a lot of broken branches and  a few trees that have fallen down, but not on her house), but now she seems to have problems with an update of her PSP program. How frustrating is that? Having an update done, hoping it will give you some better or quicker features or whatever and then it's not working properly? I think she will put her former version back again.

All talks and trading have started now in our politic department, just wonder how long it will take before the two parties come to an agreement! And may be they will not! They both say they have the intention to clear the job together, but there are real big differences between the two parties, and although everybody nows that deals and compromises have to be done, some of your principals you cannot let go. At least if you are a rather honest politician and you want to hold on to some of the promises you've made to your followers.
We'll see what will happen next week or so.

I have to direct you to Linda's blog, because there you can download a beautiful made quickpage with my Steampunk kit! I'll give you the preview but download is on her blog!

Clusters again from Arlene. Made with the Trail through the Middle-East kit.
Download    HERE

And from me a light colored kit, you could say a tiny bit romantic, named "Never Let Me Go."
Will be for a moment longer at the computer, perhaps start already another kit, have no clue yet what color or so, but that usually comes when I start my PSE program, suddenly decide the color or colorscheme and slowly the idea forms itself into my brain, what it will become. Strange way of working perhaps, but often it works well for me.
Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for all your visits and comments, always love them and also thanks from Arlene.
Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Yes, Christmas is approaching!
In the meantime we've been really lucky, because Linda, Arlene and you have done very beautiful things. Thank you so much for everything!
Have a wonderful weekend too,

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I have to agree about how quickly Autumn got here this year. so sad to see the warm weather go. Ah well, in six months it will be Spring again!

I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

U R so correct about this year flying by...LOL! The older we get the faster it seems to go too! Glad you got your cleaning done, wish I had the umph to do anything, but this back will be better soon I hope. I need to scrap and sitting is so brief right now. Tomorrow is our first official day of fall, hope we have a long pretty one and not just a few days then straight to winter! Y'all take care and have a lovely weekend, Thanks to you and Arlene for the gifts, off to see Linda for hers! Hugs for all! Mat

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the colors! Thank you so much! Leona in Florida, USA

HappyScreens said...

Thanks, Kyra, for these lovely, soft elements.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
It seems that the way you design works well for you as you always make such lovely things. I wish I was even a quarter as creative...

Zauberfee said...

Hi! Today autumn started and it's raining. So what... I like all your kits and took some with me. Now I've seen your TOU...but I've created just a style for forums with it.
I have a style forum and design for everyone who wants to have these styles. Can I take your kits for these styles? I still have a copyright in the logo with it. For example, you can see that style.
If you do not want, I'll take him out immediately. Would be a pity.
Would be nice to get permission, I would also publish this in the forum.
Here ist the link:

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you and Arlene for the wonderful creations you make. You are so generous with your time and energy - especially researching the photo books for us. I's nice to know there are such people around. Thanks again.
Jean N.